What little ways do you use to clean up after every meal? Do you have to clean up after every meal or every so often?

If you wash things together, it's easy to form a thick layer of dirt on your dishes, and I'm afraid that's going to take a lot of work, and sometimes it can form stubborn stains that won't come off. What should we do now?

1. Use cleaners to solve the problem

Cleaners should be an essential tool in every home kitchen.white eraser sponge Generally there is no stain that can't be solved by cleaners, but general cleaners contain toxic substances and need to be cleaned vigorously when used. Whether it's dishes or sinks, people are generally used to putting cleaners on them before brushing them off, which is not only time-consuming, but also easy to use.

Cleaner can be said to be a kitchen essential, because he will not only clean the grease very clean, and the internal environment does not contain a lot of toxic chemicals, do not have to worry about inhalation of the body. Every cleaning must need to use him, can be directly said to be a good helper in the kitchen.

2. Greaseproof paper

Cleaner is a kitchen necessity, then greaseproof paper is a necessity to prevent oil pollution, we also know that, for fumes, we had better solve the problem at the root. Then, greaseproof paper will come in handy, to the table or wall a stick, you can solve most of the smoke!

Use greaseproof paper regularly and save yourself a lot of trouble. It will usually be placed in areas that are prone to grease and smoke. When cleaning it will be removed directly and gently wiped. The place before is still clean and energy efficient. And this is better than before, better wipe.

3. Absorbent sponge ball

Do you use a sponge or a steel ball to clean the pot after every meal? Steel ball is not recommended to use often because it can easily scratch some metal utensils, this time you need a sponge ball. Not only after meals, when we clean the range hood, it is better to use a sponge ball, it will be easy to brush clean.

Just wipe it with a sponge and it will look brand new. This sponge can not only clean the kitchen dirt, but also wipe the rest of the house. It also works very well! It's much better than a rag.

4. Mop

When the hood, dishes, and sink are cleaned, don't you feel like you have a what other things are left behind? Big cleaning is not also less they clean the floor? But as we all know, the kitchen floor system is generally the most difficult to take care of, so this time the teacher will have to mop to solve the problem, put the detergent, gently wipe, still afraid of not clean?

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