How to choose the right curtain?

Everyone in the decoration is not often because of ignoring the choice of curtains? blind curtainFeel free to choose a good choice, there is no problem so much attention, in fact, the curtain is undoubtedly the finishing touch of home living space, and the fold structure design is the core, it makes the curtain system has a very beautiful texture and smooth sag, for the home can add a unique touch of China's unique color and the whole work tone.

So how to choose the right curtain for you? Let's take a look!

1. the type of curtains

① Korean fold

Korean fold is a new way of folding, wall curtainit is a fixed processing of the fold, this way wear method is simple, easy to remove and clean. But the Korean-style pleats require calculating the difference between the length and length of the fabric, according to the number of pleats on the fixed hook, which is troublesome for the processor, but simple for the consumer to use.

② Punch type

The punching mode of the Roman rod track, this problem does not have a hook, curtain stylesis to make the punching ring in the cloth, directly through the Roman track. Suitable for no ring on the rod, relatively simple and more beautiful. The impact of the fold is large, and the finished curtain design can be compared to the atmosphere, but the removal and cleaning need to remove a Roman rod.

③ Four-claw hook type

Four claw hook is the elder of the curtain industry, durable. Sew a cloth belt on the upper end of the curtain, and then wear it with four hooks, but the hook is relatively troublesome, and the pleating effect needs to be worn by itself, which is more complicated.

④ Cloth belt hanging rod

The belt can be divided into an invisible belt and a bright belt, and can directly tie the belt into a bow, the belt saves the cost of hooks, iron rings and other accessories, and is more unique, but at the same time because the management is not enough to open and close the time is not smooth enough, from the perspective of long-term development and use of consideration, not recommended.

⑤ Other fancy folds

Pleated curtains are widely used, it has a beautiful texture and smooth curtains, and a variety of fancy curtains are a lot of points of curtains.

2. How to choose

(1) Fold multiples according to the size of the window.

The size of the window is also very important, choose more folding, the smaller the window, the less fabric it has, it is very small after being put away, it does not look very beautiful. General living room window is large, folding multiple can be small,

(2) Folding multiple according to the height of the window.

The height of the window also has an impact on the fold multiple, generally through the higher the window, we can suggest that the fold multiple is the better, and the shorter the window, the fold multiple can choose the appropriate development and reduction.

(3) Determine the fold according to the style

The more complex and heavy the style, the larger the fold. The simpler the style, the lighter the fold. For European, American, French, neoclassical and other more complex styles, the folding multiple is recommended to be larger, it is recommended to choose between 2-3 times.

For small beauty, light luxury and other styles, it is recommended to choose 1.8-2.3 times. For modern, Scandinavian and other concise styles, it is recommended to fold more than 1.6-2.3 times.

(4) Determine the folding multiple according to the budget.

Luxury type:

The curtain fold ratio is 3-4 times, this Chinese luxury practice can be applied to enterprises more than 3 meters high floor-to-ceiling Windows, a strong sense of fold, the level of scattered, suitable for living rooms with a greater impact area, villas, large social public places to provide use, the biggest disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high.

Economic type

The overhang rate is 1.5 times, the cost is low, but the fabric is basically spread out, there is no sense of overhang and three-dimensional, the visual effect is poor, and it is suitable for temporary or transitional home use.

Universal type

The fold of the curtain is 2-2.5 times, the fold is uniform, the layer is obvious, the three-dimensional sense is good, the cost is moderate, and it is the most widely used at present.

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