The apparently simple-looking bamboo is not simple and can be used as creative items.

For fabricsBamboo not only makes one s skin more beautiful, but also beautifies clothing. Bamboo fiber has been widely used in durable, breathable and soft fabr...


Are biodegradable plastics feasible?

Some biobased plastics are biodegradable plastics and some are not.Biobasedplastics are plastics that are based on natural substances such as starch and are pro...

11 Sep

How to install curtains by yourself Curtains installation methods and steps in detail

Weight thick velvet curtains.4. concealed buckle type: do not like to expose the hardware friends can try this hanging method, installation is very simple, neat...

06 Sep

Selected blinds: selection, installation and maintenance methods at a glance

curtains and wipe with a damp cloth or scrub with a medium cleaner (such as detergent or cleaner) and water. Some rails are glued together, be careful not to le...

28 Aug

How to choose the right curtain?

curtain stylesis to make the punching ring in the cloth, directly through the Roman track. Suitable for no ring on the rod, relatively simple and more beautiful...

05 Jun

Reimagine Your Home with Light and Airy Textiles with Sheer Fabric Delight

and discover how they can animate your living space, from wispy curtain designs to delicate clothing items . These dia