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A guide to some of the best automated guided vehicle manufacturers in the world. It may not be stating anything new that these companies are few and far between (four are U.S.-based) with only six market-leading companies at their helm - but each has a unique product in its program. Some have fully-automated routes and check-in stations, while others just have agents who deal with all of your platform's robotics issues for you without you having to touch anything!


Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are rapidly gaining popularity world-wide as they become easier and more affordable to operate. The market is growing at a CAGR of nearly 10% between 2010 and 2020, with a total projected value of $19.1 billion by the end of the decade. Currently, there are a number of prominent automated guided vehicle manufacturers in the world, as seen in the following table.

Manufacturer Total Vehicles Sold 2016 Tesla 46,670 Mercedes-Benz 4,958 Volvo 4,043 Toyota 3,775 Daimler 2,532 Nissan 1,758 Mitsubishi 1,597 BorgWarner Corporation 1,296 AGE Inc 950

Tesla was the leader in Automated Guided Vehicle sales in 2016 with 46,670 units sold. However, Tesla's share decreased from 70% in 2015 to 63% in 2016 due to increased competition from other leading automatingvehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo which sell over 4500 and 4000 units respectively. It is important to note that Tesla sells both electric and petrol powered AGVs.

Who are the Top 6 Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers and what Do they manufacture?

The Top 6 Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers are:

1. Delphi Automotive

2. Denso

3. Continental AG

4. Paccar Inc.

5. United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

6. Valeo

General Overview of each company

1. General Overview of each company

2. Ford Motor Company

3. Toyota Motor Corporation

4. Nissan Motor Company

5. Volkswagen AG

6. Audi AG

7. GM Cruise Automation, Inc.

Where they are headquartered?

1. The most prominent automated guided vehicle manufacturers in the world are:

Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan), General Motors Company (USA), Ford Motor Company (USA), Volkswagen AG (Germany), and Audi AG (Germany).

2. Toyota Motor Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of automated guided vehicles, with a global market share of nearly 30%. Automated guided vehicles make up a large portion of Toyota's total product lineup, and the company has invested heavily in R&D over the past decade to improve the technology behind these vehicles.

3. General Motors Company is second on the list, with a global market share of nearly 20%. One of GM's primary strengths in automated guided vehicles is its engineering capabilities, which have helped it to dominate the market in areas such as safety and performance. The company also boasts an extensive dealership network across the globe, making it easy for customers to purchase these cars.

4. Ford Motor Company comes third on the list, with a global market share of roughly 15%. Ford has been focusing heavily on automated guided vehicles over recent years, and its products have received high marks from independent reviewers. The automaker also has a strong international presence, allowing it to compete effectively in markets outside of North America.

5. Volkswagen AG rounds out the top five Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers in the World with a global market share of around 10%. Volkswagen is well known for its iconic cars such as Golf and Beetle, but

Key employees

Automated guided vehicle technology is growing in prominence and popularity across the globe, as businesses look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Which automated guided vehicle manufacturers are leading the pack? Here’s a look at the most prominent automakers in the world today, based on their number of automated guided vehicle manufacturing facilities.

Toyota Motor Corporation: Toyota is one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, and has long been a leader in automated guided vehicle technology. The company has over 20 automated guided vehicle manufacturing facilities around the world, including five in North America.

Ford Motor Company: Ford is another well-known automaker with a wide range of products available worldwide. Automated guided vehicles make up a portion of Ford’s business operations, with six production plants dedicated to producing these vehicles.

Nissan Motor Company: Nissan is another global leader in automobile production. Automated guideway systems are an important part of Nissan’s business strategy, with nine production facilities dedicated to producing this type of technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation: Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a variety of industrial equipment and systems, but its knowledge of automation provides valuable insights into automated guideway systems. The company has five automated guideway system production facilities around the world, which helps contribute to its prominence in this field.

How many automotive lines do they have?

Automated Guided Vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent automated guided vehicle manufacturersyears due to their ability to provide a safer and more efficient ride. There are currently a number of automotive lines that manufacturers utilize to create AGVs, including traditional automotive brands as well as those from companies outside the automotive industry.Below is a list of the five most prominent automated guided vehicle manufacturers in the world.

What are their financial highlights?

1. Alphabet Inc. (Google)

2. Tesla, Inc. (Tesla Motors)

3. Audi AG (Audi AG)

4. Ford Motor Company (Ford Motor Company)

5. Volkswagen AG (Volkswagen AG)

6. General Motors Corporation (GM)

7. PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel/Vauxhall/Mitsubishi Lancer, Škoda Auto Ltd., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV)

8. Toyota Motor Corp. (Toyota Motor Corp.)

9. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.(Nissan Motor Co.)


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In conclusion, the automation of warehouse tasks like storage and material management, as well as end-of-line tasks like packaging and labeling, can be accomplished using automatic guided vehicles.