Is the higher sensitivity of wireless network module better?

Receiving sensitivity is a very important parameter in a wireless module. The sensitivity is a negative value, and the smaller the negative value, the higher the receiving sensitivity.

When a wireless module receives data, sensitivity is a practical function, wireless modules companies so sensitivity is also called reception sensitivity.

Is the more sensitive the better?

However, as far as the sensitivity parameter is concerned, the higher the sensitivity the better, regardless of the project or external factors such as the working environment, because the higher the sensitivity, the longer the transmission distance and the more stable the transmission path.

However, the sensitivity is different. The value of sensitivity is determined by the internal environment of the chip company and cannot be changed by design.

So if you should choose and wireless sensor module, priority should be given to the wireless module with high sensitivity (because the sensitivity can not be modified).

A little about sensitivity.

Sensitivity is a very special parameter, when modifying the transmission rate of the wireless module, the value of sensitivity will fluctuate, the higher the rate, the worse, the lower, the higher, different values at different rates.