Can the Internet of Things in 2022 prevent another destructive wildfire season?

Prevention of the Internet of Things wild fire.

In order to identify and control the fire before the fire became a comprehensive disaster, this increasing threat prompted local governments and companies to research and invest in intelligent technology. Many Internet solutions use LTE/5G, LORAWAN, artificial intelligence and IoT technology to help solve this rapid growth problem. However, how does the government, enterprises, individuals, and communities use technology to predict and prevent these disasters? Next, we provide three cases of the Internet of Things wildfire prevention and connection solutions at the front line of this battle ?? Case examples.


By detecting carbon dioxide, oxygen, humidity, humidity, and temperature levels, the Internet of Things sensors help identify and manage wild fires. In particular, heat -resistant sensors can convey the initial location, fire and model of the fire.

The remote IoT sensor collects these data and reports the fire situation to the front line response and the community. One of the keys to the success of equipment and related sensors deployed in forests and other remote areas is the smallest energy use and long battery life. Because most fires occur in rural and remote areas, the Internet cannot be used. It supports cellular sensors and LoRaWAN networks with honeycomb back to ensure that sensor data can be transmitted through the Internet. These sensor key decisions and strategic methods for fire protection work.

The fire season seems to have a negative impact on air quality every year, which has a negative impact on people's health. It is important to measure air quality with sensors. Washington and other states have issued regulations that when the air quality reaches a certain threshold, the workers are transferred indoors.

Artificial intelligence is also used to identify the possibility of fire in specific areas and report accurate GPS coordinates. Once ignited, artificial intelligence solutions can process data in real time and provide information for firefighters, including lit smoke levels, flame directions, and how to burn lte iot.


The drone is changing the fire world by providing regional terrain, visual pictures and videos, hotspots and real -time data. With this information, firefighters can make wise decisions based on the data -save life, economy, community and ecosystems.

UAV can also completely change the safety of firefighters, because they can tell employees to move in which direction they should be moved in, and they can safely go to ensure that the firefighters stay away from the safety of the dangerous areas.

Camera and geographical satellite data.

In order to enable PANOAI and other companies headquarters in California to identify new fires earlier, using the connected ultra -high -definition camera network to rotate at high advantage. New camera technology will provide tested experts with enhanced visual equipment and fast data analysis to help them speed up response time. Through data such as ultra -high -definition cameras, global satellite data, on -site sensors, traditional cameras, single emergency alarms, etc., it can improve real -time vision and all content sharing capabilities, enhance the situation perception, and expand the team.

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