Baseus is an Adapter for travelers with a lot to choose from. Where is the notebook, which is the Tablet, which is the smart phone Adapter, some can connect to many heads. But the power is very slow today, the NBS team recommends a single adapter for every device with a power output of up to 120W in the Baseus Gan Ultimate 120W Galio review.

The team used to introduce many adapters, some supply a lot of power, but some small ports, many charging ports. But not able to supply enough power But all the limitations are gone with this Baseus Gan Ultimate 120W Galio that supports a power supply of up to 120W, allowing charging notebooks or Macbook Pro charging via USB-C port or PC Charge. Ready to support fast charts, including smartphones, tablets or even other devices It also has two USB-C ports, a maximum power supply of 100W per port, and a USB-A that can supply up to 30W. The power supplied will be in descending order according to the specification.


The box of the Baseus Gan Ultimate 120W Galio is unique. Along with clearly showing a distinctive face. Accessories included in the box, 1 USB Type-C to C (100W), wall charger and carrying bag + user manual and warranty.


The Baseus Gan Ultimate 120W Galio comes in a fairly large size. Compared to the general adapter 60W, but compared to the power output of 120W with other notebook adapters is considered smaller anyway. With a weight of just 216 grams, with the chart port at the top. And a flat plug that can be folded Really the same size as the BASEUS BS-CHT909 PowerBank 2 in 1 that the team has previously tested.


The Baseus Gan Ultimate 120W Galio is the only adapter. Because all 3 ports can be charged at the same time by actually charging the power Even with some power dividing down But better than those 60-65W multi-port charts at the same time, will be divided by a lot to almost charge devices such as notebooks or Tablet, not at all, or if it is a powerful specification notebook such as a Macbook Pro, it can Charting a single port up to 100W or charging at the same time, 2 devices still work. One Adapter is finished. Suitable for people who travel often.

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