If a bowl of raw beef is not enjoyable, the restaurant also serves Vietnamese snacks. The choices are more and not expensive, including classic choices such as Vietnamese spring rolls, lemongrass chicken wings, and fast car. Lemongrass chicken wings, the master only makes the chicken wings into a single bone, which is very convenient to eat. Fried chicken wings also follow the local practice. Chicken wings are marinated with fish sauce, especially because they are not fried together with fragrant chives. The fragrant chives are cut into other pieces and crispy after being fried. More level.

In addition, innovative snacks are also sold in the store. For example, the practice of crispy fried sirloin refers to the nostalgic fried sirloin. The sirloin is thinly sliced ​​and then dipped in crispy paste to be fried. The deep-fried crispy skin at the entrance is not oily. The sirloin is sweet, and you can squeeze a little sour juice or a little fish sauce to eat. It is very refreshing.

Finally, of course, try a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Choose medium-to-deep roasted Vietnamese coffee beans. The sweetness is deep with cocoa flavor. Then use the traditional Vietnamese coffee drip pot to brew. Remember to stir the sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the cup when drinking. The taste is just right!


Yi Niu Vietnamese Noodle Specialty Store

Address: G / F, No. 9, Wenxian East Street, Sheung Wan

Tel: 2668 6966

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30 am-9

: 30pm Average Spending: SGD $ 15

Remarks: No extra one, cash and credit card