Make mountaineering more accessible! Recommended mountains for beginners (Tokyo area)

Making mountaineering more accessible

In recent years, there has been an abundance of talk about camping on social media, TV, YouTube and other media, but there are many people who want to enjoy the outdoors but give up because it is difficult to get a complete set of equipment or they don't have a car. If this is the case for you, we recommend "mountain climbing". It requires little equipment, is quick and easy to get to, and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery that nature offers even more than camping.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the charms of the mountains for those who are beginners but want to enjoy the outdoors! We also asked some of our Instagrammers, who are experts in mountain climbing, for their recommendations on mountains around Tokyo, and their favourite mountain gear and clothing.

What's the appeal of mountain climbing?

The views you can only experience on the day

The best thing about climbing mountains is that you can enjoy the spectacular views that you cannot see unless you climb. The view from the top is special because you have worked so hard to get there. Another attraction is the warmth of the people you meet, greeting each other and helping each other out when you need it.

No two days in the mountains are the same, and each season and weather has its own special charm. Every time you climb a mountain, you will discover something new, and you can see a completely different side of the same mountain just by changing the route.

Eating mountain rice at the top

There is something special about eating mountain rice in the fresh air with a spectacular view. Climbing a mountain is not only about climbing, it's also about eating. Easy", "Quick", "Light" to make, you can enjoy mountain meal comfortably.

Recommended Mountains for Beginners

First of all, we introduce recommended mountains in the suburbs of Tokyo. Both can be reached by train and bus from Tokyo, so you can enjoy a day trip including transportation. (You'll need a certain level of physical ability and equipment, so be prepared!

Daibosatsu Ridge

First up is the Daibosatsu Ridge. It is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan and is part of the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, which connects Yamanashi, Tokyo and Saitama. The mountain is 2057m high, but the trailhead (1600m) is accessible by car, making it an easy mountain for beginners to climb.

The best thing about this mountain is that you can see Mt Fuji, Lake Obosatsu and the 3000m peaks of the Southern Alps. There is a good selection of mountain huts, teahouses and hot springs in the area. Lodge Chobei" and "Fukuchan-so", mountain lodges, are located right in front of the Kamikagawa Pass and are very convenient for staying overnight or resting. You can also enjoy the night view, stargazing and other slightly more advanced activities on this mountain.


Next on our list is Mount Bounoori. It is a 969m high mountain located on the border between Okutama and Hanno in Saitama Prefecture. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy a change of course, such as climbing up the mountain while looking at a waterfall from the side or walking on the rocks. From the summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Okumusashi mountains and the city centre, and if the weather conditions are right, you can even see the northern Kanto mountains of Haruna, Tanigawa-dake and the Nikko mountain range in the distance.

App♩ 3 Questions for Experienced Mountaineers Found on Instagram

From here, we'll introduce 4 mountaineering Instagramers you can use as a reference!

We actually asked them questions about what we are interested in.


1) What mountains do you recommend near Tokyo?

2) Favorite mountain gear or clothing

3) Your favourite piece of clothing

Nagari (@ngrngry)

Name: Nagari Age: 28 years old

Nagari says she started mountaineering after attending outdoor classes as a child. On her Instagram, you can see photos of mountains she has climbed, information that girls want to know about cosmetics for mountain climbing, and even a peek into her personal life.

Recommended mountains near Tokyo

Nagari-san recommended a hiking route from Hadano Station to Tsurumaki Onsen Station.

She said that you can hike up to four peaks (Asama, Gongenzan, Kobozan and Azuma) and stop at a hot spring on the way back.

Particularly recommended is the cherry blossom season. You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Koboyama Park while climbing. Nagari said that even if she becomes a grandmother, she wants to climb this mountain! That's nice.

My favourite mountain equipment

Nagari-san recommends "Evanew Ultra Light Pan #16".

It is high enough to be used as a pot, and it is light enough to be used in any mountain trip.

My favorite one

This photo was taken at "Mt. Giyagatake", which straddles Tateyama town in Toyama prefecture and Omachi city in Nagano prefecture.

His favorite point is that it shows the ruggedness of the Northern Alps and the pleasantness of the warm sunny day. It's a miracle that you can feel different charms depending on when you go.

Shiori (@shi_00i)

Name: Shiori Age: 30 years old

Shiori says that she started climbing mountains with her husband as a hobby. At first, she was interested in camping and other outdoor activities, but she had the impression that mountain climbing was "tough". However, she was impressed by the comfort of staying in a tent, the peacefulness of the mountain, the starry sky and the sunrise, and fell in love with mountain climbing. Shiori has been challenging herself not only in Japan but also in foreign mountains. You can get a glimpse of her outdoor life on Instagram.

Recommended mountains near Tokyo

Shiori recommends Mount Tsukuba, the lowest of Japan's 100 peaks.

It is low in altitude and can be climbed in about an hour to an hour and a half, and from the summit you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Kanto Plain. You can enjoy the four seasons with plum blossoms and cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn, and there are many routes to choose from.

The Matsuya Noodle Factory, which is open from early in the morning, is also a spot that people should visit together. They sell the noodles on the spot and the glutinous noodles are said to be excellent. It seems that there are many noodle shops around Mt.

My favourite mountain gear

Shiori recommends the EXPED organiser, a Swiss outdoor brand.

The organiser is simple and has a variety of uses, as it was developed with a great deal of knowledge of the mountains and a priority to be used functionally in the mountains. Shiori is actually using the translucent waterproof organiser with her 45 litre sack, and the organiser in the photo is available in a variety of sizes to suit different uses. He uses the mini size for small things like batteries, spare camera batteries and medicine, and the A5 size for work! Design is also excellent, so you will want to have a variety of small app♩

3) One of my favorite

This is one picture taken in Tasmania Island (remote island), located in the south of Australia mainland.

It was their first overseas trail, 6 days and 5 nights long hike, they walked 65km trekking route "overlandtrack" to the deepest part of Tasmania wilderness, which is designated as World Natural Heritage in Tasmania. She was impressed by the continuous encounters with flora and fauna, such as button grass meadows, eucalyptus trees, and wildlife such as wombats and wallabies, which cannot be seen naturally in Japan, and here is one of the memorable pictures she took. It's a wonderful picture that makes me want to climb a mountain abroad one day.

What did you think?

When you hear the word "mountaineering", you might think that it takes a lot of energy or that it is difficult to collect equipment. However, hiking and mountaineering, with their well-developed paths, are mainly about getting in touch with nature, so even beginners can enjoy them.

The food, the spectacular views, the hot springs, the sense of achievement, the sense of freedom... Once you've experienced them all, you'll be hooked! Be prepared and have a safe and enjoyable experience!