Jianglong noodle shop blessed by celebrities

Jin Yinju, this Jianglong noodle shop, has a very good origin. It started in Taiwan and has 12 branches in Shanghai. It is well-received by many Red Stars. Carina Lau, Guan Zhilin, Shu Qi and others are regulars in the store. Recently Jin Jinju came to Hong Kong and settled at the top of the mountain. The Hong Kong restaurant also specializes in multinational pasta. 90% of the ingredients are from Taiwan. The menu also follows the head office. There are more than a dozen types of pasta, mainly chicken soup, stew and braised beef three soup bases, accompanied by four handmade noodles. Fine noodles, rough noodles, thin noodles and wide noodles are of high quality. Each soup base is equipped with designated noodles to ensure Perfect Match!

It is recommended that the original monosodium glutamate stewed chicken noodle soup is made by crushing the whole chicken. The bone collagen in the bone marrow is also incorporated into the soup. It is veritable and authentic. Drink soup like chicken, thick sticky mouth, served with fine noodles, each One bite is the essence of chicken juice. In addition, the spicy pepper half-skin and half-meat noodle soup is Carina Lau's favorite. The original package of soup base with beef roast is sent directly to Hong Kong. The beef roast is very tasty, the soup base has zero MSG, and the pepper is heavy and spicy.


In addition to pasta, there are more than ten kinds of snacks. Must-eat snacks include the daily limited amount of Watson soy sauce chicken. Each chicken is marinated with a special soy sauce. Soy sauce is added with fresh orange and cardamom, so it is sweet and not salty. The thin-skinned three-yellow chicken is used. The chicken skin is delicious and elastic. The chicken is tender and not fat. To keep fresh, it is produced in limited quantities every day. It is sold out 1-2 hours after it is released, which is very popular! In terms of drinks, Taiwan Jinliju black tea is used, which is different from the general sweet Taiwanese tea. It uses healthier arabinose and no saccharin. Only Taiwanese milk is used. The tea is clear and low in sweetness. The pearls are also very sweet and chewy. strength! Desserts include healthy snow lotus almond milk and freshly ground almond tea, all freshly ground in the morning. The food served in the Hong Kong store is only half of the food in the main store for the time being. Seasonal limited noodles will be introduced from time to time. For example, there will be black sesame oil pine leaf crab noodles in the spring. In the future, the restaurant will be on the track and new noodles will be added slowly. Stay tuned!

Address: Shop 118, 1 / F, Peak Plaza, 118 Peak Road

Tel: 2880 5299

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 11 am-10pm, Saturday to Sunday 10 am-10pm

Average Spending: SGD $ 28

Remarks: Set up plus one, receive cash And credit card