The number of Cafes in Tokyo is comparable to the convenience store on the first floor of five steps and ten steps and one pavilion. Apart from shopping, looking for a rest and a card, the animal cafe is definitely the ideal choice! Compared with the cafes in Hong Kong and Tokyo, there are a wide variety of animals. Common ones include cats, dogs, owls, capybara, mini pigs, otters, honey-bags, etc. You do n’t need to go to the zoo to come. Distance contact! This time, the reporter will introduce the 5 most ramified animal cafes. Consider visiting the next time you travel to Tokyo!

Newly opened capybara and cat cafe at Kichijoji

Capybara is a very popular animal star in Japan in recent years. Its large nostrils have a unique and cute face, which makes many Japanese people feel very healed. Although the capybara has the word "dolphin", it is not a "pig teammate", it is a close relative of the "rat". Because it is cute compared to mice, many Japanese brands have incorporated capybara into the design this year!

Every time I go to Japan to see a capybara, I have to go to the zoo, and they are only for a long-term view, and cannot be touched. If you are a capybara control, be sure to go to the newly opened Capy Neko Café (カ ピ ね こ カ フ ェ) at Kichijoji Temple. In addition to raising a capybara, there are more than ten cats. Feeling more full!


Guests must register at the door before entering the venue. After washing their hands, they can enter the store and come in contact with capybara and cats. The cafe is not large, about one hundred feet, so meet the cute animals in several times of the day. Only 8 guests are entertained each time, and guests will have more opportunities to interact with animals. The store clerk said that the "shop manager" capybara is named Tawash (た わ し), which means brown brush, because the capybara's coat color and touch are the same as the brown brush! The shop clerk assigned us a dish of vegetables each. The capybara was originally lazy and the cat was spreading on the combing table. When the vegetables flew to the guests immediately, it was very funny. During the feeding, everyone seized the time to take pictures, touch the capybara, and watched the cute appearance of the food. They couldn't help but call Kawaii!

The first-rate fun mini-pig

Many people mistakenly think that pigs are stinky and dirty. In fact, pigs are super clean animals, and they are just like cats and dogs. They know how to go to the same place and take care of themselves. Of course, ordinary Hong Kong people cannot raise pigs. Friends who like piglets can go to Mipig Cafe, a mini pig cafe opened in Meguro in Tokyo last year! The cafe has 4 floors with different interactive spaces. As long as the guests sit on the seat cushions or low stools, the pig will hover at your feet, not afraid of strangers at all. Rewrite your established impression of a pig!


The design of the coffee shop is based on the theme of the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs", which is modeled on the indoor environment created by the wood house and is full of greenery and feels comfortable. To mention everyone, Mipig Cafe is quite popular. Basically, it is necessary to make a reservation on the official website one month in advance, and each interactive time period is only half an hour. It is recommended to book two time periods in order to have fun.

Popular Dou Chai Coffee Shop in Japan

Shiba Inu is docile and loyal, and has always been popular with a large number of dog fans. Among them, "Dou Chai", a smaller breed than the standard Shiba Inu, is also a star of popularity! If you ca n’t keep a dog at home, you may wish to find a Dou Chai Café in Tokyo. You can not only get close to a large group of cute puppies, but also watch Dou Chai in different colors such as black, red, white and small beans in one go.


The popular Dou Chai Cafe "豆 柴 カ フ ェ" in Asakusa, there are about ten Dou Chai in the store, they are active and active, as long as guests hold small toys provided by the store, they can easily play with them. And Dou Chai in the store will wear a red and green scarf, from time to time will display different Pose, cute burst watch, you will unconsciously pick up the phone, take pictures of them cute!

Alternative animal Cafe chooses otters to be lovely to melt

The otter is a resident in the zoo, with round eyes, a spoiled personality, and full of charm! Kotsumate, a specialty pet shop located in Ikebukuro, can see lively otters walking around and playing with toys as soon as they enter the store. In addition, there are hedgehogs and honeybags in the shop, they will walk in the hands of guests, warm, let people melt when they touch it!


In the shop, you can interact with the otters intimately. They will make BB calls and make people love them.

Earlier, the otter in the shop gave birth to BB, which caused a heated discussion among Japanese netizens.

The otter is so soft and completely afraid of people.

Owl Cafe a must-visit for Harry Potter fans

Every time I watch a Harry Potter movie, I always imagine myself as a protagonist, raising owls to deliver letters. However, the reality of raising owls is quite difficult, and food and training are very particular. You can save yourself the trouble of going to Owl Cafe. The newly opened Owl Village kichijoji at the end of 2019, you can see different kinds of owls as soon as you enter the store, which is eye-opening! Accompanied by the staff, you can choose your favorite owl, let it stand on your hand to take pictures, and also allow you to touch its soft feathers and feed food, very fun!