What are the PCB manufacturing processes?

The Color of the PCB s TypePCBs can be any hue, although green is the most prevalent. However, to name a few, there are PCBs that are blue, yellow, white, clear...


A historical landmark that reminds you of old Hong Kong

Pawn ShopsPawnshops have a long history in Hong Kong. The industry s symbol - a coin with an inverted bat, symbolizing wealth and riches - is one of the city s ...

08 May

ERP, SAP, MES: Analysis of the three key technologies of enterprise management

systems to comprehensively manage corporate operations and production, while other companies may be more suitable to use SAP systems for comprehensive business ...

25 Apr

What are the similarities and differences between digitalization and digital intelligence?

2. SimilaritiesData-driven nature: Whether it is digitalization or digital intelligence, it is related to data processing, management and utilization. Both invo...

25 Oct

How much do you know about the technology of cold chain transportation?

system, which is mainly used to monitor and manage the cold chain transportation process, including temperature sensors, RFID, GPS and software management syste...

26 Sep

PDF and word difference, how to edit pdf files on the computer?

word means document, and PDF means content delivery. It not only can be used on any system, and in the preview do not have to worry about the operating system.