How to improve the dark skin | easy to find the right reason to turn white

One white covers all ugliness. All along, we have very high requirements for our skin. Especially now that more and more people are pursuing white skin , various whitening products have also appeared. However, we should not blindly use whitening products, we should first know the reason of our dark skin, and then take...


Hyun belly has no limit! How to develop a devil figure

Many girls worked at home during the epidemic prevention period and accidentally brought up their belly to become a little belly woman . Take a look at the sweet and spicy sports goddesses of these recent endorsement sports and underwear brands. All of them are hot and fit, and the vest line is coming out. Does it mak...

18 Sep

Alcohol also affects immunity. What is the risk of liver dysfunction?

Alcohol lowers immunity ... Last time, I introduced the research results that are very interesting to people who like alcohol. According to Ryo Abe, a specially appointed professor at Teikyo University who specializes in immunology, alcohol not only has a direct adverse effect on the human immune system, but also has a...

08 Sep

The stronger the sake, the greater the risk! Alcohol reduces immunity

Alcohol reduces immunity and increases the risk of pneumonia. Research results have come out that are of great concern to people who love alcohol during the Wiscorona era. How does alcohol influence immunity? Also, how do you take it so that you do not increase the risk of corona infection? Kaori Haishi, a sake journal...