It is a normal phenomenon for SEO websites to experience fluctuations in rankings, and it is already commonplace for corporate website development. Sometimes the website does not make any information modifications,google seo course singapore and the ranking will automatically return after a few days. First of all, you must understand that a sudden drop in rankings does not necessarily mean that you have modified something. If the ranking suddenly comes back, it does not necessarily mean that you have to modify something. Our country needs teachers who should first understand the economic phenomenon of society.

What is the reason for the sudden drop in website rankings? Generally, we investigate from the following four aspects:

1. Search engine resource platform external link analysis.

Analyze whether the external links of the company's website may fluctuate significantly. For example, before website design,google seo optimization guide there were tens of thousands or thousands of external links, but suddenly there was a sharp drop. It is likely that the main reason is that the more important external links on the website were cancelled. The loss of high-quality external links will directly lead to a drop in rankings. website

When the site is in the search engine, see the inclusion of various pages, and focus on the titles. Nowadays, many websites have risen in rankings, but have been invaded by gray industries and modified website content,seo agency singapore resulting in a decline in rankings.

3. Spider crawling on the search engine resource platform

In the search engine resource management platform, check whether the spider can crawl normally. If there are no multiple crawling exceptions, it cannot be ruled out that the server is unstable. Server instability is a common reason why a company's rankings continue to decline.

4. Hurricane algorithm and breeze algorithm

Hurricane algorithm: The website has included a large amount of content for search engines, most of which is collected and transported, and the website will be downgraded by search engines.

Qingfeng Algorithm: There are problems with website management. Many web page titles are cheating. The title and content are inconsistent, deceiving users to obtain clicks.

Whether in the hurricane algorithm or the breeze algorithm, it may cause a sudden drop in the site ranking.

How to solve the problem of website ranking decline?

1. External link stability

Long-term and effective external links are the guarantee for a relatively stable website ranking. Regularly organize and check the effectiveness and stability of external links, and add high-quality external links from some enterprises from time to time.

2. Add original content

Search engines hope that users will get the most valuable content, have a lot of useful information on their websites, increase the proportion of original websites, and increase the value of the website.

3. Stable server

The server crashes frequently and spiders cannot crawl the website. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the server to ensure spider crawling and crawling. The ultimate goal of SEO optimization is to achieve good rankings and long-term stability for the website.