The importance of Search Engine Optimization: The benefits of appearing on the Google homepage

In the endless online world, just "finding customers" requires learning a lot of digital marketing skills. seo services singapore It is increasingly difficult for brands to operate in future markets. Where should we look for customers? How to find it? In fact, there is a marketing method that can make potential customers take the initiative to come to the door, and that is the SEO website we are going to introduce today.

As a digital marketing technique, does SEO really matter? At this stage, many people use advertising and community to win the world, while SEO results are often questioned by others, such as:

"My website traffic can bring a lot of conversion through advertising, I don't need to do SEO at this stage." "

"My community has a great sense of humor about editing technology, and many Chinese consumers are willing to interact with us on Facebook. Why do we need to do Seo?"

"I can make money through these channels now, why should I do Xu?"

There is no shortage of such discussions in the community, and our account managers often encounter similar issues from customers, many of which can be seen in the competition, and they have to ask us not to do it.

Why Xu? What value can Search engine optimization create for your business and brand? We think don't wait until your competitors have done a good SEO to start your layout. Today, we're going to walk you through the core values of search engine optimization and let you know that the first page on Google can bring more than just website traffic to your brand!

Do you want to do SEO, do you also have the following misunderstanding of SEO website optimization?

If you want to be Xu, what's the next step?

Analyze the importance of search engine optimization one by one and grasp the core value of search engine optimization once and for all.

Without much to say, the following questions directly statistics the value that SEO can bring to the enterprise, so that you can understand how SEO is the most important channel of network marketing.

First, give your site a high degree of trust in search traffic

By going to the first page of Google, your website will get a lot of traffic from Google, which we call "search traffic". Why All Say Seo brings more traffic than AD quality? Because the search results page will display the word "advertisement" in the advertising bar, if only used as a general search result, users will not feel promoted, because it is not our paid space, but also improve the trust of potential customers, generally high points.

The importance of SEO

Second, strive for free exposure to attract students' eyes with potential influence on customers.

80% of consumers are used to searching before purchase, SEO is a marketing method that relies on search engine technology. As long as our website obtains the trust of search engines, when users of our search services and products, our website content has a great chance to be recommended to their eyes by search engines and attract the eyes of potential consumers. This is free exposure to the social work lifestyle in digital marketing.

Third, combined with keywords to produce website content, continue to attract potential customer clicks.

Users of search engines have problems they want to solve or things they are curious about. When the content of our website is combined with keywords, as long as their needs are always present, no matter how often, if he can find our pages when searching for keywords in our layout, we have a chance to complete the transaction with him. So long-term effectiveness is also a big advantage of SEO.

Use the content stack to create the most effective mass marketing

The greatest value of SEO is the keyword layout that combines the customer experience path. Many people don't know what their problem is when they search. By mining the words and situations customers are likely to search for at each purchase stage, content can be stacked one on top of the other, effectively reaching more potential customers in demand. This is also one of the core of digital marketing SEO services. Only through tool mining and consultant experience judgment, can we select the most effective keyword layout.

How to combine the customer experience path for keyword layout

Establish the authority of the corporate brand, and consumers can also develop into your loyal fans

Potential customers attracted to your website content will not be attracted to your eye-catching advertising copy, because they all found you during the search process, that is, your content is highly relevant to his needs. In other words, your content always helps you filter your customers. Use your professionally produced quality content to establish your authority in the industry and make them want to stay on your site, even leave a listing, become a member, and communicate further.