pest control

The article will be from the endotoxicity of insecticides, the application of touch agents, the use of inhibitors of chitin synthesis and ecdysteroids, the use of subterranean pest control, for some special pests of the formulation of the use of drugs, as well as for the formulation of drilling pests and so on in detail.

First, the penetration of insecticides and the application of thixotropic agents in pest control

Insecticide infiltration refers to the ability of insecticides to enter the human body through the body surface of insects, thus exerting their insecticidal effects.RAMBO insect killer supplier Contact insecticides act directly on the insect's nervous system through the insect's body surface, resulting in the death of the pest. Understanding these properties is critical to the proper selection of insecticides.

Second, use of chitin synthesis inhibitors and ecdysteroids

These insecticides mainly affect the formation of chitin or abnormal molting on the body surface of pests. These types of insecticides are highly gastro-toxic, so they are only used in the larval or waking stages, especially chewing mouthparts, and are ineffective against other stages of pests (pupae and adults).

Third, the control of underground pests drugs

Underground pests are mainly: grubs, tigers, crickets, mole crickets,VITFE insect killer manufacturer there are some major pests such as bud maggots, leaf beetles pests, due to their quality of life characteristics, in a certain stage of development students may live in different soils, we also put it this social stage can be regarded as an underground pests, control of underground pest control insecticides need to be used.

Fourth, for some special insect insecticide formulations

Fruit-sucking moth is a pest that is difficult to control on fruit trees, and is seriously harmful to plums, peaches, longan, lychee, citrus and so on. Many growers really have a headache in its control. Although the adult moth is more harmful to suck the fruit with its beak, and some people also use some strong systemic insecticide spray to control it, but the effect is very little. Actually Roundup is the best control method. At present, cyfluthrin triazophos is a better repellent insecticide.

Fruit fly in melon crops, citrus fruits in some areas of serious feedback, high incidence, control effect is not ideal, you can consider the fruit fly on the sweet and sour food tendency, so that the attractant is controlled. Medicine night selection of 26% dichlorvos emulsion, chlorpyrifos, etc., mixed with sugar and vinegar, made of baiting agent.

5. Preparations for drilling pests

For the current year plant branches of wood-boring moths, moths,Chinese SLEEP COOL Insecticide spray etc., for the damage to the branches of the aspen should grasp the pest egg hatching period for timely spraying technology to prevent and control. It is advisable to choose an insecticide with good gastric toxicity and good poisoning properties (and good development of endocytosis). The effect can be better by injecting 26% dichloro-imidacloprid emulsion 20-30 times into the insect holes.

In short, in the use of pesticides, knowledge is very broad, the above, but only a small part of our chemical control of pests, but also to continue to master a wide range of knowledge, not only to understand the characteristics of a variety of insecticides, but also to understand the habits of pests, and combined with crop growth phenology.