The kitchen uses quartz stone countertops, which have these benefits... .

Three meals a day, all year round. kitchen benchtops stone There is so much love and responsibility in the kitchen. It tells us the temperature of happiness and teaches us the attitude towards life. An efficient, fresh and clean kitchen can also bring unexpected comfort and pleasure.

In order to create a perfect kitchen, every kitchen appliance is indispensable, especially one that is easily overlooked by American kitchen countertops. stone kitchen bench tops There are many countertops on the market, but more and more people choose quartz SLATE to create countertops, and the charm of quartz stone countertops.

First of all, let's understand what is artificial quartz stone.

Artificial quartz stone, referred to as quartz stone, is more than 90% of quartz sand powder mainly through aggregate, kitchen island benchtop resin, pigment and some other auxiliary materials for the main bonding material, after mixing, vacuum system pressure vibration molding, curing and processing processes can be made of new development stone, is a non-radioactive environmental pollution, no heavy metals, safe and non-toxic, It can be environmentally friendly and green designed new building materials and decorative engineering materials that do not directly cause contact with food.

According to the actual use experience, quartz stone countertop is the most practical and cost-effective countertop. Has the following characteristics.

1, Strong building resistance and aging resistance

Kitchen countertops with high frequency of use, to choose durable products. Although the SLATE is very hard, it has no toughness. 20-thick quartz slabs are also relatively easy to buy, while rock slabs are mostly only 12 or 15 thick.

2, dense no hole | waterproof and antifouling

Natural inorganic substances and resins through vacuum treatment, pressing molding and other processes, so that the quartz stone inside the formation of a dense non-porous structure, water absorption is very low. At the same time, it also improves the defects of natural stone, and has the characteristics of antibacterial, anti-mildew and anti-pollution. It is an excellent building stone with strong resistance.

3, advanced appearance | from China's natural environment is superior to nature

Quartz stone is made of natural quartz sand and high-grade resin, with the appearance of natural stone. It is a strong quartz stone surface material that cleverly combines natural reiki and modern technology, with excellent hardness and durability, so that quartz stone still maintains its original appearance after a long time of use.

4, rich and varied colors, durable | widely used technology.

The quartz stone as a whole is monolithic, the side color of the board is the same as the surface color, and for some special edge types, profiles can be easily produced. Quartz stone countertop after more than 10 years of development, there are a variety of colors, bright, matte, different thickness, a variety of colors are relatively complete, can meet more applications.

5, high cost performance. 1000 pieces can buy a pretty good brand quartz stone, but not necessarily can buy high-end rock plate, quartz stone is more cost-effective. Although you can buy rock slabs from 5610 meters away, they are basically low-end goods in the rock slabs. Relatively speaking, it is more cost-effective to buy high-end quartz stone with the least cost.