Skin moisture means that the moisture content of the stratum corneum is sufficient

Skin moisture means that the moisture content of the stratum corneum is sufficient, accounting for about 20 to 30%. Thermage FLX If the moisture is good, the metabolism of the stratum corneum is good, it is not easy to produce fine lines, acne, acne, will make the skin look delicate and bright. When the moisture is insufficient and the moisture content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the appearance of the skin will become rough, easy to feel dry and tight, and the brightness of the skin will be reduced, resulting in dullness.

When the stratum corneum is dehydrated, the keratinocytes cannot metabolize normally, and it is easy to produce thickening and peeling phenomenon, which not only easily deposits the old stratum corneum and causes acne problems, but even causes the decline of the barrier function of the stratum corneum, which is easy to produce dermatitis, causing itching, pain and burning discomfort. Also prone to dry fine lines in the eyes and cheeks. When the skin is dry, not only the texture of the entire skin will be greatly reduced, but also the metabolism of the aging stratum corneum will be abnormal, which is easy to cause allergic inflammatory reactions in the skin, so moisturizing the skin is very important.

How do I choose a moisturizer? Moisturizing steps are simply divided into hydration and lock water, moisturizing to do a good development, hydration and lock water these two steps are very important, both can not be omitted. Grass suggested that the maintenance of face wash to grasp two key steps:

Step 1: After washing your face, use products with a high water content, such as toner and moisturizing serum, to help hydrate your skin immediately.

Step 2: After makeup, use products with high lipophilicity, such as moisturizing lotion, cream, etc., to achieve water-locking effect. Hydrate and lock water at the same time, can effectively moisturize oh!

The same principle is also applied to the body and hand moisturizing, many people do not like to rub lotion, hand cream that greasy feeling, sometimes the fundamental problem is not the product problem, because the use of the timing is not correct! Water-locking lotion cream products, a certain time to be used when the skin is still a little moisture, we can play a role in absorbing effective moisturizing ingredients into the stratum corneum; If it is used when the horn is dry, it will only feel sticky and thick, and the moisturizing effect will also play a big cultural discount, and the ingredients used are also important. In addition to the common hyaluronic acid, there are other good moisturizing ingredients, common glycerin, urea, sorbitol, etc., among which the most well-known is hyaluronic acid, a molecule of hyaluronic acid level can fully grasp 500 times the water molecules, not only students can help the skin to grasp the enterprise to reduce water, but also enhance the skin's water retention ability and durability.

Common water-locking components include petroleum jelly, mineral oil, paraffin, lanolin, squalene, ceramide and so on. Ceramide, also known as molecular tincture, is an intercellular lipid present in the stratum corneum of human skin, and is the most important and highest proportion component of the stratum corneum lipid, accounting for about 50%. In the case of chronic eczema, sensitive skin or over-drying of the stratum corneum, ceramide content will be reduced, thereby reducing the natural moisturizing function of the stratum corneum, so the appropriate amount of ceramide supplementation is very helpful to restore the normal moisturizing function of the stratum corneum.