Some common sense about laser engraving machine

Some common sense about laser engraving machine

First say some concepts of laser engraving, then what is laser engraving? laserpecker 12 In the traditional concept of carving, we understand the carving, is an imaginary master holding a carving knife or power tool, chiseling out beautiful patterns.

So what we call laser engraving is that we can use laser technology to carve. laserpecker metal engraving The principle is that enterprises use laser heat to burn or create engraving marks in the process of developing chemical environment changes on the engraving surface.

The advantage of laser engraving machine and hand-held tools is that you can control the engraving text and pattern, you can control the size, and the engraving pattern is more complex. The disadvantage is that there is no three-dimensional sense of manual physical engraving. So the laser engraving machine is mainly used for shallow scoring.

The concept is clear. First, the structure of the laser engraving machine. In order to achieve the engraving function, the laser engraving machine is mainly needed

The main requirements, software control, mechanical transmission, laser light source to achieve several main components, where the software as a human-computer interaction page, used to edit pictures and text, adjust parameters and start and stop.

The traditional engraving machine is driven by a mechanical transmission part through a stepper motor or a servo motor. Of course, due to the characteristics of the laser, many modern machines use a galvanometer system, which controls the position of the laser by controlling a slight shift in the Angle of the lens.

Laser light source is the core component of laser engraving, the characteristics of the light source can determine the development of laser function to achieve the material effect of Chinese engraving, the size of the energy on the depth and speed of engraving have a significant impact

Classification of laser engraving machine light source

At present, there are mainly CO2 light source, fiber light source, violet light source, green light source and diode light source. The laser wavelength is different, and the engraving efficiency is also very different

Among them, CO2 laser engraving machine mainly studies the materials suitable for their own engraving, such as wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic materials

● Optical fiber light source, the main engraving material is metal or relatively high density of painting materials. Wood is generally difficult to carve, but it can be carved unless it is particularly dense and hard.

● Purple light source class, is a high-end light source through comparative research, engraving is very fine and can be carved in a wide range

● Green light source. We've probably seen a lot of solid images in the middle of acrylic, often carved with a green light source. Can be carved transparent glass and other materials

● Diode light source, originally a light source for stage lighting, has achieved a gorgeous turn in the laser engraving industry, and its engraving principle is somewhat similar to lighting a cigarette butt in the sun with a magnifying glass.