The quality of travel accommodation requires "a rising tide saves people"

The quality of travel accommodation requires "a rising tide saves people", and the improvement of hotel service quality must be "achieved in one step".

According to the release of the "Baidu hot search big Data for Epidemic Prevention and Control", outcall massage hong kong after the launch of the "New Ten countries", people's enthusiasm for travel has soared, travel searches have soared, and train tickets have increased by 599%. In terms of popular search cities, the search heat of southern cities is far more than that of northern cities, and ten cities such as Sanya, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hangzhou may be the first to usher in tourism recovery. However, with the re-normalization of inter-provincial tourism, the challenges facing the local hotel industry have only just begun against the backdrop of expanding tourism consumption and a strong recovery in the wine tourism industry.

Consumption upgrading

The trend of diversification of market selection is obvious

How does the hotel "grasp"?

With the continuous improvement of people's economic living standards, consumers' requirements for the accommodation industry are also increasing. People want to achieve more in the hotel experience, many hotels have begun to upgrade. outcall massage services For example, the appearance of the hotel is upgraded first, and the hotel design integrates national style elements to emulate the national fever that has arisen in recent years. Or learn from the European and American hotel style, integrate the European and American style design; In order to cater to the needs of young people, there are also hotels converted into e-sports hotels or movie themed hotels.

In addition, with the gradual development of artificial intelligence technology equipment management into all aspects of social People's Daily life, some hotels have carried out research on the upgrade of intelligent control equipment, such as the introduction of Chinese smart speakers, intelligent customer control centers, intelligent lighting, intelligent beds, intelligent food delivery robots, etc., to prepare for the upgrade of accommodation experience.

Hotel owners can innovate based on the hotel space, carry out design renovation, improve the level of hotel service hardware, or create rich room themes to enhance the consumer experience; Or upgrade the intelligent equipment and intelligent experience for the hotel. In short, hotel upgrading has become a means for owners and investors to grasp in the market competition, so that their own hotel has more advantages, however, in this process, there are many owners of the hotel room basis transformation, such as the transformation of the hotel floor and the choice of materials do not care about, perhaps the floor in the entire transformation process did not occupy a large share. But as the "foundation" of the whole room, the transformation of the floor can not be ignored.

The neglected hotel floor

For most of the hotels in the renovation process, the design and installation of the floor must be a matter of how to choose the brand and the manufacturer worthy of repeated consideration and careful consideration, not only because the floor has a long service life and is not easy to replace after installation, but also because it can bring the most direct impression and experience to consumers. Imagine how a room with moldy floors, poor soundproofing and curly skin can win the hearts of consumers in a competitive market. Moreover, the low quality of ground materials will certainly increase the cost of hotel operation and maintenance in the future.

Hotel brand style and service spirit communication

From the market situation, the floor materials used by high-end hotels are mostly marble or solid wood floors, on the one hand, showing the style and quality of the hotel, on the other hand, it also shows the service quality of high-end hotels through the difficult to manage solid wood floors. However, behind the difficulty is that the hotel must bear a lot of maintenance costs.

Taking AC Hotel Hangzhou as an example, AC hotel Hangzhou is located in Yuhang District future China Science and Technology City, hotel culture construction reflects the external social image of China's science and technology magic, caters to the trend of fashion development, as a modern AC series of their own TOP level project. The hotel needs products and design technology from the inside out to reflect the quality and service attitude of our hotel. It is reported that the hotel by the godfather of contemporary world architecture "OMA company founded by RemKoolhaas, the giant beauty home will lay 10,000 square meters of environmental protection stone crystal floor for the realization of the new coordinates of the national city, not only affect the appearance of natural texture, and due to its special material, In the post-management maintenance system compared to solid wood flooring this can save a large amount of maintenance costs.

On the consumer side: The experience is bigger

I randomly entered the hotel page from an OTA platform to view reviews. From the screenshots of the comments, floor wear, curling, collapse, mess, poor sound insulation, have caused consumers to have a poor impact on the hotel experience.

Therefore, for hotels that want to build a higher level of accommodation experience, they should "start from scratch" and create a good accommodation environment from the consumer's point of view. It is worth mentioning that many hotels use regular cleaning and floor maintenance, and use environmentally friendly materials to create a good accommodation environment.

Take Hangzhou Luyu Blue Army Hotel as an example. The hotel covers an area of 100,000 square meters and is located in the national 4A scenic area of Shuangxi Bamboo Sea Rafting Area. It is a five-star tourist hotel integrating vacation, leisure, business conference and entertainment. In order to enhance the guest experience, the hotel has upgraded the floors of all rooms. The elastic floor of Zhejiang Jumeijia Technology Co., Ltd. is successfully selected for its advantages of environmental protection, easy installation, sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, waterproof and moisture-proof. It is reported that the hotel after installation not only has the high style of solid wood flooring, but also has many advantages that solid wood flooring does not have, such as wear-resistant, waterproof, installation block, low maintenance cost, which has become a great support for the hotel to create a high-quality accommodation environment.

One of the factors affecting the cost of the hotel renovation project and the cost of maintaining the enterprise

For those hotels in need of renovation, minimizing the construction period is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to reduce the cost of renovation. Therefore, the higher the installation efficiency, the hotel will bear lower decoration costs in order to ensure beauty, environmental protection and safety while installing building materials. After the renovation is completed, the floor of the hotel room still needs to be cleaned and repaired after the guest has checked in, in order to ensure a high quality stay for the following guests, reducing the cost of subsequent maintenance is also an important consideration for the hotel.

Taking Suzhou 0572 Taihu Hot Spring Hotel as an example, it adopts the Jumeijia floor with DIY rapid assembly technology, which can complete the floor paving in a shorter time than the ordinary floor, shorten the construction period and save costs. It is reported that Jumeijia's products have a unique quick-pack sealing technology and joint design, which can realize the simple and quick installation of the floor, giving users the perfect impression of space aesthetics and the experience of anti-seepage and anti-scaling, ensuring that the floor of Jumeijia will never have worries. It can not only improve the efficiency and shorten the construction period at the time of installation, but also reduce the maintenance cost to a certain extent in the follow-up maintenance because of the special material that is different from the solid wood floor.

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