There are so many ways to compress pdfs, which one is best for you?

Sometimes, I suddenly encounter a thorny problem, and I need to simply compress my opponent's PDF, ps for pictures and pr for videos. online pdf converter merge compress So how should I compress the PDF? There are many methods on the internet, but they are too complicated. Do you choose to abandon them decisively? Is there a simple method?

Here today, the old editor avatar teacher, convert merge pdf to single pdf the scene to give you a few ways to easily solve the problem of PDF compression!

The first method: compress the file directly.

Operation: use the system's own compression function compressed files. Click the Mouse to select the pdf file you want to compress, right-click, and from the drop-down menu select“Send to”-“Compressed folder”. With this approach, you can slightly reduce the files and compress multiple files into one file.

Evaluation: Simple and convenient, no need to download third-party software. However, the ZIP file is not completely compressed, so the file will not shrink too much.

The second method: compress the file online

The website supports PDF online processing, format conversion, compression, word to pdf converter free download offline merge and split, unlock and other functions! In addition, it can also process some pictures online, such as watermark, compression and so on.

Among other things, this site PDF password release feature works well and can remove most encrypted PDF.

After the operation is completed, you can download it directly. Super simple, if you don't want to download any third-party software, try this method, and you will definitely shine!

Third method: Virtual printer compressed files

PDFasset virtual printer is a professional virtual printer. With this software, almost any PDF file of windows program file can be printed by printing driver. At the same time, it can also help us compress PDF efficiently and help users easily solve the problem of document size. Please see the following for specific operation steps!

After opening the software, add files as shown in the figure for processing.

After loading the PDF document, select configure high compression ratio (smaller file size) .

then set the export path for the document to find the file in time.

Finally, select Export.

the compression process takes some patience.

After the compression is successful, open the file properties and you can see that the file becomes very small.

Using the above method can achieve the requirements of PDF file compression, but the effect of different methods are different, users can consider using. The third is the old editor's favorite method so far. If you have something simpler, don't hide it, let's learn it.