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On a daily basis, it is often necessary to control documents to ensure information security convert scanned pdf to word online free. The following methods can be used to simply handle files and enhance security.

1. Directly hide the folder

Select the file we need to hide, click through the right mouse button, in the "Properties" dialog box, check the "Hide" option, then a file will automatically hide the information combined; if you want to open this document,scanned pdf to word converter online click on the document management above the relevant "View" option, remove the "hidden" option content can be.

2. zip file set decompression password

First of all, install WinRAR and other compression software, right-click on the file to be compressed, select the compressed file, and then click to set the password, enter the password, click OK and immediately compressed,investintech free online pdf to word converter then the document will become compressed and encrypted files. When you need to open the file, right-click the compressed file, you will be prompted to enter the decompression password. Enter it and click OK, the file will be decompressed.

This encryption is stronger, more stable to use, but not convenient and fast, every time you view should be decompressed, especially for the storage space of the file, it will affect the efficiency of opening.

3. Change the file extension

Open the Control Panel in the "Folder" option, and then click "View" button. Remove the "Hide extensions of known file types" option from the box below. Click OK to return to the original window, change the file extension arbitrarily, so that the original file can not be opened.

Text for the document "document.txt" changed to a picture data file "document.jpg" will not be able to open the view; to view the file, you need to change the extension back as can be.

4. Software encryption

First of all, download and install a certain encryption software, usually with fast security, camouflage hidden, completely shattered and other functions, such as "folder encryption wizard" and so on. Select the folder to be encrypted, click the "Encrypt" button to set the password, encrypted files clicked into the information can not be viewed, and can prevent the deletion, copying, renaming and other operations.