What are the types of blinds

Speaking of blinds, I believe that most users will not be very unfamiliar, blinds are a relatively common type of curtains, according to the flexibility and different types of blinds can be divided into fixed and movable, this curtain is made of a lot of thin slices connected to become, compared to the cloth curtains that we often use, some ventilation and sound insulation effect, some families buy blinds

Later I will choose to install them myself, but I don't know where to start. Below, we will learn about the purchase and installation of blinds!

What are blinds?

Blinds with aluminum alloy, wood and bamboo baking paint-based processing technology production design, with a very durable often new, easy to clean, does not age, does not fade, shading, heat insulation, breathable fire prevention and other characteristics, suitable for China's high-grade office buildings, apartments, hotels, villas, etc., at the same time can be combined with a sticker to make its life style aspects of a more natural and fresh environment and elegant. There are two kinds of control management mode, manual and electric. By constantly adjusting the angle of the curtain to control the direction of light into the room, the curtain angle can be adjusted to the most suitable position. It is used to decorate the windows and doors of your bedroom, bathroom, conference and information office.

What are the types of blinds

Blinds are divided into fixed and movable type, it is connected by many thin folding, not only has the role of ventilation, sunshade and sound insulation, but also can shade the sun and cool down the temperature, decorate the bedroom. Blinds are made of bamboo, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and many other materials such as plastic and linen which are popular in the market.

Tips for buying blinds

1, pay attention to the specifications of the curtains

Installed blinds (i.e., blinds embedded in the window opening) should be the same length as the height of the window, the width of the window is generally smaller than the left and right one centimeter; exposed blinds (i.e., blinds hanging outside the window) should be longer than the height of the window about 10 centimeters long, wider than the window on both sides of the width of about 5 centimeters. Generally speaking, small rooms are suitable for dark blinds, large rooms are suitable for bright blinds.

2, Curtain style with should be coordinated

Windows of different formats should be equipped with different blinds. If it is a general vertical window, you can choose general blinds; if it is a horizontal window, you can match the blinds, it will be very harmonious,shutter window consistent inside and outside, beautiful and generous.

3, curtain design pattern selection to choose appropriate

Selection of the pattern of blinds also has a lot to say. The layout of the living room with blinds, should be selected with a waterfall landscape pattern, can make people seem to be in the poetic painting. Decorating the bedroom can choose soft colors, elegantly designed botanical paintings, still life paintings or geometric pattern paintings.

4, curtains color space collocation should be coordinated.

The best blinds and room furniture and wall color coordination. If the walls are creamy yellow or white,sheer fabric you can match the creamy yellow blinds. The walls are light green, can be matched with gray or green blinds.

Installation method of blinds

1, aluminum alloy blinds installation method

Aluminum alloy is a different material that we can compare and analyze the common shadow, and its corrosion resistance is particularly outstanding. In the installation of this time is that our country needs a fixed asset installation code, all equipment installation code must be in the front and rear,green fabric up and down the development direction in the same straight line, after the aluminum alloy blinds and curtains system installation code slider pushed to the bottom; will be the product constantly up the top of the slider hooks, the slider in the spring action automatically slides out; and then put the track can be through the use of the track.

2, wood blinds installation method

Wooden shutters is currently a material that people prefer, it's will look more lasting appeal. Its installation is divided into three aspects, first of all, the upper rail, and then put the blade on the top of the broadband, and then complete the blade, after wearing, complete the blade, confirm the installation of the lower rail put the lower rail on the broadband, put the centerline on the lower rail, connect the extra broadband to the lower rail, fasten it with the lower rail, so that a complete drawstring broadband wood blinds are made.

Cleaning and maintenance of blinds


1.Blinds can usually be wiped with a damp cotton cloth and thoroughly cleaned once a month, one direction at a time. Blinds are easy to lose color because of the material and painting, pay attention not to expose to the sun. Deformation.


Sweep with a cloth or brush. After a few months, remove the curtains and wipe with a damp cloth or scrub with a medium cleaner (such as detergent or cleaner) and water. Some rails are glued together, be careful not to let water out of the tracks and shafts, some rails can be waterproofed without special care with water.