Coconut sponge

Coconut sponge cleaning cloth 100 tips, simple and practical, the first you do not know!

Coconut sponge cleaning cloth I believe everyone puts their hands together at home. kitchen scrubber manufacturerWhat do you usually do with it? Wash the dishes and clean the table? If that's all you know, you are at a loss! Today, Bien Xiao will teach you how to get the new function of clean cloth.

Put away the needle and thread

Usually, students like their own handmade friends. Do they often get into trouble? We often use needle and thread to compare and choose the right choice. It is dangerous to put it outside without stabbing people. Bian Xiao told you that if you don't know where to put the needle and thread, you can put it on a clean cloth.

Put the needle and thread one by one into the clean cloth, the needle will not fall down, will not prick people, kill two birds with one stone ~

Homemade foam Coconut sponge

Friends who like to bathe with soap always worry that the soap will fall off. So from now on, you don't have to worry about soap slipping off. A little cleaning cloth can help you relax!

Cut a hole in the cloth and put a small piece of soap in it.

After soaking in water, it is ready to use. A bath ball made from a cleaning cloth will be softer than a regular bath ball and will protect your delicate skin.

Plant flowers and plants

I didn't expect the cleaning cloth to have the function of planting flowers. Placing cloth in the observation basin can improve the survival rate of China plants.

Put a clean cloth in an empty flower pot.

Take some fertile soil, put it in a basin and cover it with a hundred rags.

After planting the plants, water them. I hope your plants grow well

Intimate wrist pads

This method is specially designed for sedentary office workers who often use computers. Using the computer mouse for a long time will make your wrist sore or stiff.

A soft cloth on the mat would soothe my wrists, and my mother wouldn't have to worry about me becoming a“Mouse hand.”

Skillfully make tables and chairs and foot pads

If the tables, chairs and stools in the home are not uneven themselves, or if companies are worried about scratches on the Chinese floor, ask for 100 pieces of clean cloth, and a miracle will happen

1. Cut the soft part of the stool into small squares roughly equivalent to the size of the stool legs.

2. Glue the cloth to the foot of the stool. When the glue is dry, put the stool down. This will not only protect your floor from scratches, but also reduce the noise caused by the movement of your stool, so you don't have to worry about disturbing your neighbors

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