What is the best material for curtains? Choosing curtains is not so simple.

We design in the home, many of them are installed with curtains,solar blind not only beautiful, but also in the daytime rest, but also block ultraviolet rays. But what material is good for curtains is a question that many people are more confused about how to choose. Today, I would like to introduce the curtains what material is good, the choice of curtains is actually not simple, do not believe you see.

Curtains what material is good

1, velvet curtains

Velvet material, unusual feel, very soft, hanging on the window, there is a very strong sense of sagging. The chemical reaction between the dye and the fiber during production is not easy to fade. However, there is a bad side, that is,it is easy to adsorb dirt, it is very difficult to clean.

2, cotton linen curtains

The use of cotton linen material for the production of design out of the curtains, can be effectively absorbed using the indoor moisture, keep the environment air cleaning, and through the surface luster is very soft,roller blind bring a person a kind of simple and natural feeling. But the elasticity of this teaching material curtains is relatively poor, after cleaning, not only will appear wrinkles, and will go out of shape, and may even appear faded phenomenon.

3, plastic aluminum blinds

This control curtain design is suitable for installation in a kitchen, used to block the sun's rays, after all, the kitchen appliances after our long time sun exposure is prone to problems. And the curtains cleaning work needs special management convenient.motorized roller blind But there are also some shortcomings, in the summer has been unable to block the invasion of mosquitoes, and the aesthetics brought about by other curtains is not as good.

4, wooden curtain

The so-called wood curtains, according to the different materials can be divided into several types, such as wood, bamboo, reed, rattan and so on. In the interior decoration of this curtain has a good decorative effect, can show the interior of the high-grade, and has a good ventilation function. But this kind of curtains with a little longer will be moldy, prone to insects, the price is also very expensive.

5, polyester curtains

This kind of curtains decorated in the window, very good-looking, but also waterproof oil drainage, bring coolness to the interior. Prolonged exposure to the sun, no problem. But in wet weather, the effect will be slightly worse, and the breathability is poor, and the time is also easy to fade.

6, screen curtains

Screen curtains are very common in most families. Not only is the indoor effect beautiful, but also gives people a refreshing feeling and good moisture absorption. But blocking the light can not enter, easy to fade after cleaning, the aesthetics will be greatly reduced.

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