The difference between virtual host, VPS and cloud server

For the cloud services in server leasing, there are cloud virtual host, ARM hostingVPS host, and cloud server. Because the names and functions of the three servers are similar, it is confusing. So what's the difference between the three?

First, cloud virtual host, Cloud platfrom provideralso often referred to as "virtual space", "space";

The main difference between the virtual host and the other two cloud hosts is that the virtual host does not require the user to deploy the site environment, and usually supports a variety of site environments by default, and the user can directly upload the site construction program. Because the VM space cannot be connected to the desktop for other operations, the server tenant provides a control panel for simple operations, such as attaching domains and decompressing files.

From the perspective of technological development, virtual private cloudvirtual host is the use of a special software and hardware information technology, the real physical learning computer host is divided into multiple logic to store data units, each student unit has not passed the physical entity, but each of our logical storage management unit can work on the network like a real physical host. It has its own separate domain name, IP address (or shared IP address), and the main functions of the enterprise's complete Internet server.

Second, VPS host

VPS host is a high-quality service that uses the Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology to split the Server into multiple Virtual Private servers. Each VPS can be assigned an independent public IP address, independent operating system, independent space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, can be remotely connected to the desktop, equivalent to a fully functional computer; In addition to assigning multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, users can also change their operating systems, set programs, deployment environments, and restart servers as needed, which means that VPS hosts are higher than virtual hosts and have higher degrees of freedom.

Third, cloud server

The VPS host mentioned above is a virtual host divided into several small hosts, and performance is often not guaranteed. What about cloud servers?

Cloud servers take advantage of more advanced clustering techniques to create clusters of servers that resemble standalone servers. Each server in the cluster has an image of the cloud server, which greatly improves the security and stability of the virtual server, which will not be accessible unless all servers in the cluster have problems. Therefore, the cloud server has a higher level, stability, and security than the VPS host.

Virtual network host < VPS < Cloud server

That's the difference between the two. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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