What exactly is digital currency quantitative trading?

If you simply define quantitative trading, it is a type of investing that uses a computer program to execute an investment strategy. In the financial field, there is a well-known trading strategy known as momentum trading, which allows users to buy when the stock price is rising and sell when it is falling. In fact, client bitcoin mining appservice is the primary function of quantitative trading.

The Benefits of Quantitative Trading in Digital Currencies

(1) Reliable investment performance

Because quantitative trading performance is typically determined by the accumulation of profits generated by a large number of high probability events, people can only be admitted if they meet the requirements, much like a college entrance exam. As long as you reach the admission score line after multiple steps and layers of gatekeeping, you will be admitted. As a result, the success rate is significantly increased. Although it does not guarantee that you will make money in a single transaction, it does guarantee that you will make money over time. In other words, it is determined by probability. This is primarily reflected in two aspects: first, quantitative trading constantly digs historical patterns from historical data that repeat in the future; second, in terms of the portfolio concept, which is to capture stocks with a high probability of winning, rather than betting the treasure on a single stock.

(2) Is capable of overcoming human weaknesses and achieving rational investment

Assists you in maintaining your sanity in situations where it is easy to lose it; as a result, you can seize opportunities when the market antminer a10pro overreacts and loses its sanity.

(3) Proven ability to process information

Individual trading banks entering the securities market will inevitably be perplexed by the variety of information available, whereas quantitative trading has a stronger ability to handle information. When we face the securities market, we imagine it as a vast sea, and in order to keep gaining returns, we need a guide, which is our trading pattern, much like sailing the vast securities market GPS.

Disadvantages of quantitative digital currency trading

(1) Because each profit is small, there bitcoin earn is little liquidity and volatility.

(2) Each quantitative trade pays spreads or commissions, which are fixed; the shorter the time period, the lower the system's profitability.