Teach you how to design a "Chinese and Western kitchen."

I. Designing a "Chinese and Western" Kitchen

The distinction between Chinese and Western culture has resulted in a distinction between Chinese and Western food cultures. Western cuisine focuses on nutrition and the environment of the meal, whereas Chinese cuisine focuses on tastekitchen cabinets design and the art of cooking.

A home with two kitchen lifestyles that accommodate both Chinese and Western culinary habits.

Chinese kitchen: complete design, reasonable layout, not too much space; frying, deep-frying, and stir-frying appliances (hood, stove, sterilizer, refrigerator, etc.).

Western kitchen: open and bright design, connected to the dining room, some island or bar design, the dining room can be designed with side dining cabinets and wine coolers, electrical design suitable for steaming and baking (steamer, oven, insulation drawer), the restaurant focuses on slow food design (wine cabinet, coffee machine, small ice bar, etc.).

Second, what should be considered in the design kitchen designand construction of a double kitchen?

Kitchens are relatively functional and complicated, involving more plumbing and electrical circuits; we should be careful not to open a long horizontal groove in the wall, hot and cold water pipes are well marked, don't get confused, and try to go to the top. If something goes wrong, it is simple to fix.

The majority of electrical appliances in the west kitchen are integrated higher, so the square number of the circuit must be reached. When the plumbing is finished, the water circuit should be pressure tested, the accurate plumbing drawingsGas Hob should be saved, and photos or video of the site should be taken for backup.