Companies Investigate the Importance of Digital Transformation

Enterprise digital transformation promotes the upgrade of production and operation models and increases total factor productivity. Digital technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs, improve productivity, and aid in decision-making, as demonstrated by its use during the New Crown Pneumonia epidemic in areas such as enhancedmining site communication, data decision-making, and risk warning. The application of digital technology to transform and reinvent a series of workflows in R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales can increase data value, improve operational efficiency, and create scale effects.

Enterprise digital transformation promotes innovation in management mechanisms and concepts while also stimulating the endogenous power of company development. Digital transformation can accelerate enterprise management mode and concept innovation, as well as promote the transformation of traditional business philosophy to data-driven, real-time control, and intelligent management. At the enterprise management level, digital technology can promote the development of the enterprise management mode to flat, flexible, and modular, as well as release employees' enthusiasm and innovative vitality,Used miner and create innovative teams with high vitality, high quality, and high quality. At the business level, digital technology can help with accurate identification, rapid feedback, efficient decision-making, and dynamic management, as well as assist in the reshaping of business chains and process innovation, and provide endogenous impetus for enterprise reform and innovation.

Enterprise digital transformation contributes to increased industry chain synergy and the development of an industrial digital ecology. The company can accelerate synergy and cooperation with upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain through digital transformation, create efficient information feedback on supply and demand, and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the industry chain. On this basis, it promotes the digitalization of the entire industry, the entire body, and the entirebitmain element, as well as the establishment of a synergistic, consistent, efficient link and a healthy and orderly industrial digital ecology.