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Let's share with you the experience of several authors in doing housework to see if it can help friends.

1. After coming back from work every day, you Moschino Kids HK should sort out your bag.

After going out for a day, the bag I took out seems to have become a garbage can. When you get home, you need to empty everything in your bag. Open the bag, clear the garbage, and put everything in the basket.

Including business cards of people I just met, new planning materials, new publications just published... I can also recall what I did today while sorting them out.

The next day, whether you use the same bag or change a bag, you move the items from the basket to the bag. There is no need to panic about turning things. The wallet is the same. Go home and look at the contents of your wallet. The collected documents are stored in the ticket folder in the study.

2. The sundries on the cabinet top shall be controlled to a minimum

In order to cook in the kitchen comfortably, it is important not to consider the activity route, but to consider the consumption of actions. The articles should be put into the cabinet as much as possible, and the principle of taking tableware is "almost one can take and put". Therefore, the total number of tableware should be limited. In order to realize the convenience of using and taking at any time, the key is to try not to stack the kitchen utensils.

If you must stack similar kitchen utensils, you should also stack as few as possible. The more stacked, the more energy and time will be spent.

3. The foam and blister in the bathroom should be dried on site

After washing hands and removing makeup best electric mop for laminate floors on the washstand, you feel relaxed and happy. Use the paper towel in the drawer of the washstand to wipe off the blisters and foams. After wiping, still wipe the mirror and faucet with this paper towel to achieve "on-site cleaning".

4. Wipe the kitchen utensils with a paper towel - usually throw them away after use. Wipe quickly and clean

After eating, many people find it too troublesome to clean up the kitchen chores. They don't like it, and even want to eat the next meal. In fact, at this time, it is necessary to "scatter housework" to help us reduce our troubles. Wash the dishes during the cooking interval and quickly clean the idle kitchen utensils.

Clean up the kitchen utensils immediately after use, which will reduce the trouble of cleaning up later. Wipe everything from the table top to the sink with a paper towel. After wiping, directly throw it into the trash can. The paper towel that is thrown away after use is so convenient.

The paper towel should be placed under the sink or under the washstand where you can get it immediately when you want to use it. Spare parts are put on the shelf at the gate to carry out "centralized management". The aftermath treatment should be fresh and tidy.

I have been using this method all the time. It is much better to wipe the kitchen stains with a paper towel than with a rag. It is clean and clean after use, and it also avoids the trouble of cleaning towels.

5. Life needs delicate and soft towels - rough and cheap towels are used for "cleaning"

How many towels do you have at home? Is it too numerous? There are towels given by hot springs, cheap towels with poor materials, etc. The shelves in the cabinet are always stacked with towels. Rough and cheap towels are suitable for use as towels, which can be cleaned directly after use. Towels are very convenient to use in areas hong kong universities ranking with heavy stains, because towels are stronger and more durable than paper towels.

If the towel has been washed many times, it should be replaced when it feels rough. The cycle of a towel is about one year. Then you need to change a towel that is delicate, soft and comfortable. Such a towel will bring people happiness and satisfaction.