be careful not to put

Almost every household will use a mop, but many families will electric mop cordless electric spin mophave some mop shabu out of the situation, the old mop and stinky and dirty, left useless, throwing and strange pity, more importantly, continue to use words due to bacterial growth, it is likely to the ground also to contamination, for the human body is also very harmful, so that the mop best to get the mop clean in mopping, so that is both for themselves It is also a safeguard for the family.

So, how do you shabu-shabu to get rid of the odor and bacteria?

In general, laundry detergent and lemon water are sufficient to deal with a variety of smelly and dirty old mop, on the one hand, laundry detergent has a strong decontamination ability, and lemon water itself has a certain sterilization, in addition to the best electric steam moprole of odor, and also has a certain role in removing rust, one to two, you can put the old mop odor in addition to a clean, I can responsibly tell you, if the family has an old mop,

Furthermore, if the real lemon water cannot handle the words, you can try bleach, but use bleach with caution, as some similar to the sponge mop will frequently have a miraculous effect. When using bleach, it should be diluted well in advance, with a good neutral detergent for the best results. When using the process, be careful not to put too much, as this will not only affect the bleaching effect of the mop, but will also reduce the life of the mop, causing electric mop vs steam mopdamage to the mop, which is what we do not want to see. So, we learned today that we will introduce two small ways.