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Purchasing a home is an important decision for any family. Before moving in, the home must be restored and cleaned for health reasons cordless vacuum cleaner supplier. Since tile is a popular ornamental material used in home remodeling, what are the best ways to clean tiles after renovation? How should cleaning be done after renovations? Follow me to look at it in the following!

A, how should I clean tiles?

1.such as a few tiny, light scratches on the tile surface, may be fixed by coating the scratch with toothpaste and wiping it with a soft, dry cloth. To prevent danger to one's health, major damage should be replaced or should be repaired by specialists.

2.Pick water, soap, and detergent for your everyday cleaning.

3.To clean the tiles, use a solution of soapy water, a little ammonia, and turpentine. The tiles will become more clear and clean.

4.such as coffee, beer, tea, ice cream, grease, and other contaminants adhered to the tile's surface should be scraped away as soon as possible, and if required, decontaminated using potassium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution. Ink, cement, and other pollutants may be cleaned up using hydrochloric acid, nitric acid dilution solution, and specific cleaning solutions for paint, coatings, and other pollutants.

Secondly, tile cleaning techniques

1. tile powder cleaner, a fine granular weak alkaline cleaner that uses natural interface active abrasive particles as raw materials, along with a number of active agents and bactericides, polishing agents, imported penetrating agents, a special bright factor, and other high-tech environmental formulations, is a multi-functional, effective cleaning agent. It is a brand-new kind of contemporary decontamination product with a singular decontamination effect, widespread usage, and little negative impacts on human health.

2. Tile liquid cleaner is a liquid form of cleaning agent used for various new surface polishing, sterilizing, and active agents. It also has an imported penetrating agent, a special bright factor, and other environmentally friendly high-tech formulations. It has a strong ability to remove dirt as well as penetration, sterilization, polishing brightness, and other qualities. It can swiftly and completely get rid of tough dirt from a variety of tile surfaces and nooks. Lime scale, mud scale, caulk scale, water rust, welding marks, black scale, mold scale, scale, aluminum scratches, metal scratches, all types of paint, all types of glue, all types of heavy oil stains, etc. can all be removed quickly thanks to the special penetration and polishing brightness factor.

Third, take measures while cleaning a tile floor.

1. Avoid using very corrosive cleaners on tiles since they may damage them severely and could erode their surface, shortening their useful lives. Always remember to choose neutral; you may shop at your neighborhood grocery or online.

2. If the tile is not non-slip, it is important to remember to squeeze the cloth dry after washing to prevent slips.

3. If it has oil on the surface, you can clean with lemon water and baking soda because the two together can dissolve the oil. If you don't have baking soda and lemon water, you may use detergent.

4. When purchasing tiles, keep in mind that a reputable brand is best because it is less likely to absorb dust and makes cleanup easier.

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