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Vacuum cleaners are mostly responsible for making life simpler. Is it true that there are so many vacuum cleaners on the market? To choose which vacuum cleaner is best for your house, you must first learn how vacuum cleaners work and the features of various vacuum cleaners.

When people are cleaning, the most bothersome thing is generally dust; it not only affects the cleanliness of the room, electrical appliances, and other equipment, but it also endangers people's respiratory systems and harms human health. When we were younger, our professors taught us to "sprinkle water first portable vacuum cleaner factory, then sweep the floor" to successfully minimize the spread of dust, but this approach does not totally eradicate the dust since the dust remains after the water evaporates. The vacuum cleaner collects dust using forceful inhaling airflow, making it simple to clean and organize, and it has therefore become a required item for many homes.

Let's start with an explanation of how vacuum cleaners function.

After turning on the vacuum cleaner, the motor begins to rotate at high speed and inhale air from the inlet, so that the dust box produces a certain vacuum, the dust enters the dust bag in the dust box through the floor brush, receiver, handle, hose, main suction tube, the dust is left in the dust bag rechargeable vacuum cleaner factory, the filtered air then enters the motor through a layer of filters, this layer of filters is to prevent the dust from entering the motor. This layer of filter serves as a protective barrier, preventing the dust bag from breaking down and dust from being sucked into the motor, and the air entering the motor flows out through the motor, as the carbon brushes are constantly worn out during motor operation, so another filter is added before the vacuum cleaner flows out. This is the whole operation of a vacuum cleaner.

Let's walk into a home appliance shop and learn how to purchase the perfect vacuum cleaner for you now that you understand how vacuum cleaners function. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market, so let's look at how they're classed.

First and foremost, they are classed based on the kind of dust collecting. On the market, there are two types of vacuum cleaners: classic dust bag vacuum cleaners and modern bagless vacuum cleaners. This is closely tied to the vacuum cleaner's pricing as well as the user's post-use cost.

The next kind of vacuum cleaner is the dust bag vacuum cleaner, which uses a cloth or paper bag within the vacuum cleaner to filter the inhaled dusty air,wireless vacuum cleaner factory and the dust is collected in the bag after filtering. To keep a cloth bag clean, take it out and discard the dust on a regular basis. However, while removing the dust bag and discharging the dust, it is very simple for the dust to fly, making cleanup quite difficult (if you have a cleanliness fetish, please be careful to buy). Although using a disposable paper dust bag saves you the bother of cleaning, you will have to spend a lot of money on dust bags after you purchase the vacuum cleaner. Environmentalists may have recognized that, sure, disposable paper dust bags have the drawback of being insufficiently ecologically friendly. As a result, we recommend that you choose for bagless vacuum cleaners.

The bagless vacuum cleaner is utilized once more: instead of a dust bag, a plastic dust bin is used, and the inhaled dust is held in the plastic bin, which can be cleaned by simply emptying out the dust and washing the bin with water. Yes, you must clean the plastic bin on a regular basis. Furthermore, since the dust bin of a bagless vacuum cleaner is generally constructed of transparent resin, you can see from the outside that it is full with dust, debris, hair, and so on.

And vacuum cleaners are classified into the following categories based on their look and shape.

Vertical: Vertical vacuum cleaners This is the most prevalent form of vacuum cleaner, accounting for more than 80% of the total market and being appropriate for the majority of residential users. It is distinguished by its tiny size and ease of storage.

Vertical vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning huge carpets; however, since many households no longer use enormous carpets as décor, this kind of vacuum cleaner is not as common as horizontal vacuum cleaners; nonetheless, they are accessible in the Chinese market.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight, simple to move about for inside cleaning, and very handy to use, mostly for automobile cleaning but also for keyboard appliances, bed linens, and so on. The downside of these vacuum cleaners is their lack of power and suction strength.

Pole vacuum cleaners resemble upright vacuum cleaners in design, but they are lighter and more rechargeable, making them more compact and easier to operate. The rechargeable design eliminates the need for cords, enabling users to clean as they see fit.

Intelligent sweeping robot: Intelligent sweeping robot is a new thing in recent years, it can automatically sweep the dust on the floor, clean up hair and debris, and when the cleaning task is completed, it can automatically return to charge, intelligent vacuum cleaner core technology is the chip and the software inside. The benefits of these devices include minimal noise, small size, easy access to locations that standard vacuum cleaners cannot reach, and completely automated operation without the need for human operation.

Bucket vacuum cleaners: Another type of bucket vacuum cleaner is used for commercial purposes and is seldom purchased by home users. It is more commonly found in cleaning companies, office buildings, hotels, and other large public places. Its main advantage is that it can suck water, but the price is a large volume, relatively more power consumption, and higher prices, making it unsuitable for ordinary home users.