Does a formaldehyde removal air Nepia purifier really work? From those levels you know whether it is useful or not, to remove formaldehyde CADR/CMM value, and its method of removing formaldehyde, as in we come up with different equipment to solve indoor formaldehyde, the actual effect is certainly different, so make us come together to see the specifications and ways of reasonable removal of formaldehyde.

CADR Chinese name clean gas google pay online shopping export ratio, the higher the CADR standard value, the higher the cleaning efficiency of the grease purifier is indicated. CMM is the main parameter of the air purifier's ability to work for the cumulative purification treatment of overall target pollutants such as fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants under the rated value situation and the required test conditions. It indicates the continuous purification and treatment working capacity of the air purifier, which can also be interpreted as the service life of the filter. In other words, the amount of formaldehyde or dust that can be removed by the product before the filter is "destroyed". Simply put, the larger the CCM scale value, the longer the service life of the air purifier filter.

Therefore, for the formaldehyde air purifier for cat allergies air purifier, if you want to remove formaldehyde from the indoor air quality as early as possible in a short period of time, there is no doubt that the CADR value is large and rapid. But if the formaldehyde purifier's long-term purification treatment actual effect, the accumulated purification treatment amount CCM is more important than the CADR value, and it can even be said that the formaldehyde purifier is not with long-term purification treatment actual effect lies in CCM rather than CADR value.

Because if the accumulated purification treatment volume (CCM) of the oil smoke purifier is not large enough, it is very easy to saturate the state and lose the ability to purify and treat the suction. What is really difficult is not only to have a high cleanliness level CADR value, but also to have the largest possible cumulative purification capacity. Therefore, when customers buy a formaldehyde purifier, they must choose an air purifier with a large CCM value as much as possible. Only a large enough CCM can ensure that the formaldehyde component of the decoration is really reasonably controlled during the difficult operation. Only CCM large oil smoke purifier can guarantee the actual effect of long-term formaldehyde removal, and CADR value only consider the actual effect of oil smoke purifier short time purification processing parameters indicators. This is significantly different from PM2.5 fume purifiers that pay more attention to the characteristics of CADR value of fine particles.

We know that indoor decoration pollution is generally the pollutants in the room itself, the key from home decoration pollution, furniture, etc.. Its evaporation period is nearly 15 years above, for example, newly renovated houses and new buyers of furniture, basically the first half of the year is classified as a period of rapid evaporation. This period is basically the evaporation of home furnishing materials, furniture surface and shallow surface of harmful substances, benzene, TVOC, etc.; half a year later to within 3 years, within the shallow surface also gradually evaporated; 3 years later, basically is implicit in the home and home furnishing materials deep indoor formaldehyde must be evaporated.