E-commerce merchants are known to have consumers who often cancel their purchases and look for other products if they can't find a payment method they like. Markets dominated by local payment solutions are not uncommon. Research the shopping habits and preferences of your target market, credit card payment gateway,especially if many of your customers are abroad. This will help you determine which payment gateway should be on your online store.

How will this affect my checkout user experience at Gateway?

Checkout seamless and easy is the key. By choosing a suitable payment gateway by yourself, you can also auto-populate some corporate customer information through the gateway ApI, in fact, we can effectively reduce the number of steps in the checkout management process and bring the student experience closer to one-click checkout. On the other hand, choosing a more optimized payment gateway will lengthen the checkout process and increase the risk of downside.

How easy is it to integrate with this payment gateway?

When integrating with a payment gateway, the last thing you want is having to spend extra time and resources creating a custom checkout experience. If you go this route, it will be difficult to simplify all the channels and all the equipment, and it will cost you some custom development work.

Will this gateway grow with my business?

Working with agile suppliers that stay on top of market trends, continuous innovation will help your business respond to changing market conditions. If your sales are rising, you should also know how transaction costs are changing.

Is this the most cost-effective option?

As you probably know, each payment gateway charges different transaction fees. When it comes to choosing a suitable payment gateway for your online store, your goals are twofold: to simplify the checkout process through system integration with the most commonly used gateways, and to ensure that the cost management of each transaction development does not come directly to you profit rate. For our quick and easy comparison for a business, here are the fees charged by the most popular payment security gateways.