wireless noise cancelling earbuds

For a headset user management, whether it is a wired wireless noise cancelling earbuds or wireless Bluetooth headset, especially friends who are more interested in sound quality, there is always a word involved - burn-in. In fact, ours is relatively simple and easy to understand. Just like an automobile company, the physical system performance of many things needs to have a certain degree of influence in order to truly achieve maturity and play the best effect.

Why do headphones need to be boiled?

For headphones, cooking is actually cooking the diaphragm folding ring. The diaphragm folding ring of the new headphones has poor mechanical compliance, resulting in large distortion. After a period of use, the compliance will gradually improve, and the distortion will gradually drop to the normal level.

How to cook the machine?

1. Relaxing the muscles: Use the volume control that can normally perform a volume control that can reach one-third of the technology to drive the headphones for 12 hours (it can be better with a frequency sweep signal of 100-1500Hz/5s)

2. Link: Use the volume to drive the earphones to two-thirds of the normal hearing intensity for 12 hours (a better scan signal is 50-1800Hz/3s)

3. Martial arts: 72 hours with normal hearing strength driving headphones (preferably 20-2000Hz/2s)

4. Beat: Drive the helmet for 24 hours at four-thirds of the normal hearing intensity (18-2200hz/1s scan signal is better)

Precautions for cooking!

It is not advisable to use too much volume to burn the machine

Can't cook for a long time

Don't use heavy bass, something like this, DJ

Do not use MP3 format with poor sound quality, it will be counterproductive if it is useless