Affected by the new crown pneumonia, the Ocean Park was closed for 4 months. It was announced to reopen earlier, and launched a new free parent-child education activity "Redd's Five Senses Discovery Journey" which incorporates two inspiring learning elements of "natural play" and "experiential learning" Let children learn nature through five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, so that children can explore the wonders of nature through the five senses in the Ocean Park.

"Redd's Five Senses Discovery Journey" is divided into 5 parts. Children can go to the main entrance to get the five senses discovery map before entering the park, and there are a variety of giant stickers on the ground of the main entrance of the park, printed with different guidance questions, including about the children's current mood And feelings, as well as the characteristics of different animals in the park, such as inviting children to close their eyes to listen to the sound of nature, imitate small animals with sounds or actions, parents can guide them to observe and feel the surrounding environment and things carefully, and warm up the senses.

Many plants are planted in the Ocean Park. Children can plant walls outside the Shuidu cake shop. There will be an education ambassador to lead the children to watch a variety of thick meat, edible and ferns, and guide the children to compare the color and size of the leaves. And texture, observe the shape and pattern of the plant up close with your eyes, touch the texture of the leaves with your hand, use the nose to distinguish the smell of the plant, etc.

The ambassador for education outside the ocean spectacle side door will also allow children to recognize the sparrow's calls and vision through hearing to observe their appearance and patterns. Children can also use tools such as magnifying glass to study insect specimens, wild or prop insects.

Children who like birds can discover the common birds in Hong Kong, such as noise cuckoos and red-eared bulbuls, at the discovery station next to the entrance of the ocean train. They use small props such as telescopes and loudspeakers to study the traces left by them. Hear to distinguish the calls of different birds. You can also explore and explore the outside of the Sichuan Qizhen Hall of the Hong Kong Jockey Club by contacting objects from nature, collecting various materials to create and challenge, and deepen your understanding of nature.

Smart members can participate in the member-only workshop launched in July, using different natural materials including seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, etc. to allow parents and children to be creative and bake unique special bread. The details of participation will be on the park website Announced. In addition, all participants who upload photos of the event to the social platform during the event can redeem a souvenir of "Weiwei and Friends" at the main entrance.