Increased divorce consultations during the epidemic

  As a family lawyer, Billy specializes in handling divorce cases, handling prenuptial agreements, and acting as a marriage mediation to assist in handling family disputes. "Most of the customers come to consult, and everyone is talking about divorce immediately. Maybe the housing company is not happy and wants to know how to protect themselves."

  He explained that when dealing with divorce in Hong Kong, there are two things to be dealt with, including the child’s rearing arrangements and asset allocation. "Unless you agree on the arrangement, you will have to go to court for trial." But he added that because of the long trial time and the high cost of litigation, the "10 orders and 9 orders" cases will also reach agreement before the trial. "The longest divorce case can be tried for six or seven years, and the girls are all grown up. Even if the property and children's arrangements have been negotiated, they still have to wait about nine months to complete the divorce process."

  Increased divorce consultations during the epidemic

  There are various reasons behind marriage problems. "Men are bad gambling; the other party spends a lot of time in the field and just ignores my work; I work long hours and take care of my children; I have a man and a girlfriend, and it's all the reason." The recent new pneumonia epidemic has also made divorces even more Increased consultation. "There is not enough space in the housing enterprise, it is too patient to be trapped. If you add children to not go back to school, there must be differences of opinion, and there will be more disputes."

  Irreparable damage

  Dealing with a large number of divorce cases, Billy admitted that many parents ignore their children's feelings when dealing with marital problems. "A lot of times, we will see that one of them hates the other and will do a lot of actions to make the distance between the children and the other. For example, it is very unpleasant to say, "It’s not personal, I’m not doing the wrong order." My family breaks down, or one of the parties will complain, and the other party will not let me see the children, and the other party must have a reason. "The children shouted well before seeing you", "After seeing you back, don’t you?" It’s a good thing. In fact, it’s good for parents to inculcate the concept of divorce for children, so be careful."

  When marriage is in crisis, Billy believes that the impact on children should be minimized. "From the report written by the psychiatrist, I know that the behavior of parents has a long-term impact on children. When you are in a hurry, it is best to leave to calm down, listen to the day and then pour in to make the next decision. Especially There is a child present, and the damage caused cannot be repaired. No matter how much you hate a person, you don’t have to pull the child into the water, it’s not a matter of divorce, it will affect the world!"

  Inspiration from novice dad

  After Billy became a dad last year, his work made him feel different. "Hong Kong courts have a good tradition. I think it’s more appropriate for my mother to take care of children. Therefore, my mother has an advantage in the trial. Some dads will spend a lot of time, money, and the best. They will fight for more than a week from the court. One-day visitation rights for children. Before I became a dad, I felt, "In fact, can I save my money?" After being a dad, I did not see the children for a few days on a business trip, and I finally understood that it is important to explain the day!"

  He also realized that a happy family and a healthy marriage are not inevitable and require both parties to work together to maintain. "It is also becoming more and more clear that it is very important for parents to cooperate and take care of and educate the children. It is important for everyone to have a common goal, communicate more and work together."

  Frank and relative

  He also shared that since the birth of the child, there are inevitably many differences of opinion, but they also have a set of ways to get along. "My wife and I will have different opinions. My son goes to school, and even goes to the beach on the weekend! I can’t help but talk, and I can’t drag myself too much. I’m going to apologize, "I shouldn’t." "Speak loudly", the wife will also send a long message explaining that "what I did that day, it is because of the reason, I hope you understand", I will try to stand in the perspective of the channel and reach a consensus."

  In order to witness the child's growth process, Billy always reminded herself to spend more time on the child, and at the same time avoid taking the negative emotions caused by work during the day back home and affecting the parent-child relationship. On Father's Day this year, he laughed and was looking forward to the surprise his family prepared for him. For children, they don't expect too much. "There are too many unsatisfactory things in life. The most important thing is to be happy. I grow up and I’m the one who wants to do it. I don’t want to force me to ask me to do it. It’s not important to do anything. It’s up to you to play freely and instill the right knowledge. Wait for you to be a good person."