Many things you encounter in your daily life

I would be happy if my work and private life went well, and I always want to be fun and positive. Even if everyone lives with that in mind, they will encounter various events, contrary to their own thoughts.

Suddenly canceling a long-standing promise, returning your project that was supposed to be adopted at work to a blank slate, betrayed by a friend you've always believed in ... is. Some of them may not be blame for you.

The true feelings that come out with a mouth

At that time, I think "why" and want to complain. It's only natural that the stronger your feelings, the more you want to complain or two.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I complain, I don't feel well. No matter how much you hear your complaints or how much you spit out your thoughts, it is difficult to change your mind immediately.

However, only one word saves my feelings. That is the power of "Thank you".

Words you want to tweet when you feel unpleasant

Muttering "Thank you" when you feel unpleasant may even seem like a loss or sarcasm. But you don't want to end up with the words "get mad, come to your head" for something you don't like.

This is because I don't want to deny myself who has been looking forward to one promise, who has worked hard, who has made a plan with the wisdom to be hired at work, and who has believed and dating as a friend.

Do not deny your value

When you feel uncomfortable, why don't you feel depressed and regret "what the hell are you doing?" Let's get rid of those thoughts right away, you don't want to hate yourself after feeling unpleasant.

That's why I mutter "Thank you". "Thank you. Let me learn." "Thank you. Let's use the idea elsewhere." "Thank you. This will give me time for myself."

Don't you think you can avoid denying your own value by tweeting "Thank you" like this?

Tweet "Thank you" to protect yourself

You might think it's just a word game. However, it takes time to recover from feelings just by expressing unpleasant feelings as complaints. In addition, it can lead to extra worries about what I should have done.

However, you can draw a solid line between yourself and the other person by muttering "Thank you" when you feel unpleasant. It also leads to a firm affirmation of yourself.

"Thank you. I learned one thing that there is something like this." By tweeting, it will be easier to switch feelings even if you are depressed. The power that only one word brings is great.

"Thank you" will be returned to you in the future

In everyday life, when someone asks you to do something, you tend to say "I'm sorry", but it feels better to say "Thank you".

The reason why people who say it feel good as well as those who say it is because "thank you" is a word that conveys gratitude. However, when we trace the origin of "thank you", the etymology is "thank you" which means "rare and rare".

It may be meaningful to have the feeling of "thank you" for the unpleasant things that are "thank you". If you have something you don't like, I want to keep the word "thank you" as a trump card so that you can protect yourself and help you take the next step quickly.