Parental support is essential if you want to send your child to a supplementary school. So what kind of support do you need? First, whether or not a child can attend class depends on the communication between the parent and child. In order for children to learn independently in the classes at the supplementary school, "listening ability" is important. The listening power is equal to the learning power, and the learning power is also the listening power. The ability to listen is not passive, but proactive, so children who listen well often learn more. And a child with a straightforward mind will be able to obey the words of the other person.

What should be done to improve the listening ability of children? At home, fathers and mothers often listen to their children. When your child calls you a "mother," do you make a frowning face, saying "Don't talk to me in such a busy time"? With a smile, go to the side of your child saying, "What is it?" And be ready to listen to it from the point of view of the child. Making it a habit of parents and children fosters the listening ability of children.


Children imitate their parents. "People are children of the environment," said Shinichi Suzuki, who is known for the teaching method of Suzuki Method. Children change with the environment. When parents listen to their children's stories, they will be able to listen to their parents' and teacher's stories and understand the contents. In addition, tell each time you go to school, "Let's listen carefully to the teacher's story at school." As each piece of advice penetrates into the child's subconscious mind, the child will become accustomed to listening to the teacher's story. When speaking, always speak with a gentle smile, a soft-toned voice, and a calm attitude.

Child useless to grow is a "worry". Of course it is in everyone's life. When the mother and father worry, their hearts are transmitted by the vibration and the child receives it. I'm worried about my face. What would a child with such an expression think? When you have a concern, it comes with your friends in both hands. Worrying is a hardship to carry and unnecessary in life. Don't spend your time worrying and devise measures to solve the problem.


How can I get the number of homework assignments from the remedial school to finish properly on time? It's important to have a sense of purpose in your homework, because doing it will improve your academic ability. "I'm grateful for homework at the remedial school. It's fun. Let's finish it on Sunday," tell the child. Parents should spend as much time as possible with their children when doing their homework. You can read aloud the list of homework together. To focus on your homework, start in the area your child likes. You can focus more if you start with what you like. And parents should smile and compliment their children. Let's say "I did my best. It's wonderful. As expected." Eventually, it will lead to the habit of making homework enjoyable.

In this way, your child will be able to respond smoothly to both supplementary school lessons and homework. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at our school, where you can take measures to take exams at supplementary schools and strengthen your learning.