Since the first car was introduced in 1886, science and technology have defined people's mobility in a new way. With the rapid development and advancement of technology, 5G smart driving system is turning into an indispensable part of the future intelligent transportation system.

People also possess new expectations for the concept of smart vehicles. So what are the limits of future intelligent vehicles? In the future, with the application of artificial intelligence and the use of autonomous driving technology, vehicles will no longer need drivers. Vehicles and cars can be interconnected according to the vehicle network to accomplish many tasks that are impossible to be done by human drivers. Based on the collaborative use of traffic digital platforms and intelligent scheduling algorithms, a whole set of road infrastructure systems from vehicles to traffic planning and unified control will be generated. This will lead to a radical transformation of the entire city's traffic situation, with traffic congestion, parking, and traffic accidents being solved.

The car will no longer be just a vehicle, but5g gnss a more intelligent electronic product. It has become a new medium for work, life, and entertainment. It has become a mobile space, biological service experience, intelligent scene of the end-use system. Like the javascript in Iron Man, it can not only be driverless, but also self-aware and carry out meaningful communication with you, truly changing the relationship between cars and people.

To make these vehicles smarter, the automotive industry is integrating AI into its products from now on. Today, the in-car use of AI is penetrating into more detailed feelings. For example, Rongwei, the pioneer of Internet cars, has been ahead of the curve in pursuing the integration of technology and humanity. Rongwei has even achieved AI technology to reach the level in the intelligent cockpit, making the vehicle into an intimate butler. Intelligent mobile magic bar evaluation interaction can endlessly iterate to upgrade the magic screen, while the new generation of Venus system and smart home, smart audio, Tmall Genie and Alipay ecological association application Huawei software can directly evoke and control all kinds of roles in the car. Really contact with everything together.

The development of technology also brings more security to everyone, as Rongwei viii health gum Xiang carry the same biochemical instruments Co Ding Sheng Technology Co., Ltd, based on the development of biochemical defense system technology innovation. The system uses a non-woven fabric over the new material, certified by the laboratory, with more than 99% of the infectious germs to remove the role of suction. The non-woven essential oil catalyst used in the filter to suppress bacteria and put out the fire produces a layer of suppressing bacteria and putting out the fire on the surface of the fiber, and the non-woven material contains positive electricity and adheres to the germs, which are falsely attracted. In the case of interception, there is a suction effect. When the germs are absorbed in the fire fighting damage, the strong impact of the material breaks down the proteins of the germs, which effectively destroys them.

In the future, vehicles may no longer be a simple means of transportation, but an extension of public life. The entire character-related transportation system will be completely changed. And the resulting change is much more than the automobile industry, it will completely change people's travel, change the law of circulation of objects, and even change the whole world.