Mark the popular monochromatic eyeshadows of [petite dépacos]! We have a big feature on how to paint and storage techniques.

Monochromatic eyeshadows make it easy to enjoy various kinds of makeup. There are so many different kinds, it s hard to know which one to choose! I ll give you a thorough explanation so you can choose the perfect item for you! It also includes explanations of types and textures, colors that look good for you, and recom...


Acne and acne come again? 5 habits to change

The embarrassment of acne is that it is not a patent for young people. As long as the hormones in the body are disrupted, no matter how old the person is, it can t get rid of its entanglement. 5 bad habits will make acne feel like leaving the original grass, spring breeze blowing again!stay up lateIf you do n’t get eno...