The apparently simple-looking bamboo is not simple and can be used as creative items.

The bamboo forest has a long history of relationship with human beings that has lasted for thousands of years. As the times have changed, the uses of bamboo have evolved until the 21st century, when it has been used in an increasingly wide range of applications. Here are some new uses for this renewable plant.As an alt...


Are biodegradable plastics feasible?

The emergence of biodegradable plastics is seen as a powerful tool to combat plastic pollution, especially the environmental pollution of plastic food contact materials such as disposable straws.eco cutlery It is a common public perception or expectation of biodegradable plastics that they will disappear automatically ...

27 Oct


長期以來,香港一直是一個不斷變化的城市。那種狂熱,煥發活力的能量吸引了許多人的心。不過,有時還是要屏住呼吸,並記住香港的過去如何塑造了現在。想更全面地了解香港的歷史嗎?您來對地方了。藍屋灣仔這座歷史悠久的建築建於1920年代,如果您流經Stone Nullah Lane,將不容錯過。位於“藍屋群”中的三座嶺南式商店之一,灣仔的這塊地方已免於拆除,如今,經過四年的整修,外觀比以往任何時候都要好。該建築群包括住宅樓,飯店,社區服務中心,最獨特的是一個專門記錄和展示香港故事的空間。去年,它被授予聯合國教科文組織的最高遺產對話獎,即卓越獎。對於任何想回到過去的人來說,這都是一種真正的享受。當舖當舖在香港歷史悠久。該行業的標誌–一隻倒著蝙蝠的...