Better if I decrease my exce?

A bigger voluntary excess will lower your premium, but it will also increase the cost of any claims you make. Your premium may be higher if you select a lower v...


A historical landmark that reminds you of old Hong Kong

For a long time, Hong Kong has been a city of constant change. That frenetic, rejuvenating energy has captured the hearts of many. But sometimes it s important ...

15 May

Why consume blue pirulina?

A variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, C, and B6, are abundant in pirulina and are essential for supporting a strong immune system. According ...

28 Nov

What does Search engine Optimization mean? What are the benefits of SEO?

What is Search Related Engine Optimization (SEO)?

31 Oct

How can cold chain logistics enterprises solve the "last kilometer" distribution?

Cold chain logistics refers to fresh agricultural and sideline products, such as meat and poultry, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, which are always und...

07 Sep

What are the requirements for applying for a Hong Kong business visa?

What are the requirements for applying for a Hong Kong business visa?

19 May

Who was the Internet's creator?

The Internet as a system and the Internet communication protocols that we use today were created by computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn.

10 May

What does the term "informal interview" mean?

Informal interviews are those conducted outside of the workplace in a relaxed setting, as over lunch or coffee. Even though they usually have the same objective...

26 Sep

This Is Why You Should Care About 5G And How It Will Change Your Life

The future of communication is here and it s called 5G. Find out the benefits of this new wireless standard.

20 May

English teaching in Istanbul, Turkey

my name is Erinand I m going to be your host today.Telling you about my life, living,and teaching in Istanbul, Turkey.I m just leaving my apartment nowand on my...