Was there a minority of people who had "gout" even with high uric acid levels?

In this article, I will introduce the health and medical knowledge that I want to know now in a Q & A format. Please use it for self-care from today![Problem] Uric acid level , which is often found in men with abnormal values ​​in the results of medical examinations. If it exceeds 7.0 mg / dL, it is called hyperur...

20 May

Home office neck and shoulder pain? Let Mickey Mouse massage for you

I do n’t have a suitable table and chair at home. I feel that my shoulders and neck are getting tighter after sitting for a long time. Didn t have to go to the health center for massage or massage, so please Mickey Mouse to relax your bones at home!The local home health equipment brand OSIM cooperated with Disney for t...

15 May

Play the best effect of nap

Napping can help relieve fatigue, rest the body, and increase physical strength. However, if the time of the nap is not properly controlled, the sleep effect will be greatly reduced, especially the nap without the concept of time, too much sleep during the day, and the result is counting sheep at night. Such a vicious ...

14 May

How long does it take to see a dentist at the beginning of a dental disease

Because many dental diseases do not feel pain at the beginning, if you go to the dentist until the teeth have severe pain, the condition may have developed to a more serious state. You must go through a more complicated treatment process to save the teeth, and the cost of treatment is also greatly increase.The benefit ...