What is the more expansive B Tech?

Architecture, biomedical, civil, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, computer science, chemical, nuclear, and petroleum engineering are a few engineering specialties with high compensation packages.

For what is SRM University renowned?

One of the top engineering schools is SRM University, which is situated in Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu. Academic quality has been constantly upheld by SRM since its founding in 1985.

Is VIT superior to SRM?

According to the MHRD NIRF ranking, SRM is placed 36 among universities, while VIT is ranked first.

Do parents have access to the SRM hostel?

With the approval of the hostel wardens, parents, guardians, and visitors may see their ward in the dorm before 7:00 p.m. No visitor, parent, or guardian is permitted to remain in the room. Male guests are not permitted to visit students in their living quarters at the girls' dormitory.

Does SRM offer financial aid?

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) provides scholarships, fee waiver programs, and other benefits to deserving and talented students. Such programs greatly benefit a large number of kids. The scholarship program follows an open, merit-based application process.

Is SRM Ktr suitable for females?

ANSWER (1) (1) The sex ratio is almost 1:1, making it the best campus in SRM.

SRM 100 placement, is it?

SRM IHM places all of its 2021–2022 graduates.

The greatest engineering college in SRM?

The finest choice among the private engineering institutes is SRM, Chennai campus.

Are bits with 240 marks available?

Candidates must achieve the minimal qualifying marks in the entrance exam in order to be admitted to one of the BITS campuses. After the admission exam, the authorities determines the BITSAT qualifying marks. The minimal cutoff score for BITSAT 2020 was 240.

What IIT CSE is the best?

Simply put, the highest cut off is at IIT Bombay, which is regarded as the best in the cse branch.