The strongest technology in the quartz stone industry identifies Dafa

The strongest technology in the quartz stone industry identifies Dafa, and see how many of our kitchens have been fooled

At present, quartz stone is widely used in kitchen counters, as a "face engineering", the choice of quartz stone has become a problem. carrara quartz Why do some people have solid and durable countertops without discoloration, cracks and penetration problems in their own homes? Today we will talk about the identification and selection of quartz stone.

1. Look at the price

The price of good quartz stone is generally more than 800 yuan, and the cheapest is about 350. stone benchtop colours But more than 800 stones are not all good quartz stone, you need to shop around. Merchants who compete on price may pass off poor quality granite as quartz.

2. Identify with white vinegar or oxalic acid

The hard quality of quartz stone should contain more than 93% of the quartz crystals, and the acidic substances do not occur chemical reactions, poor quality quartz stone contains more calcium substances, once the acid reaction will produce bubbles.

3. Observe scratches with hard objects.

The main economic component of quartz stone is made of quartz sand, that is, through silica can be designed quartz vanity top, in nature hardness is equivalent to diamond, good quality quartz stone with key information or knife scraping will only lead to some minor scratches, scrubbing after we do not exist obvious, and poor quartz stone countertops containing calcium powder and other inferior building materials, If scratched with a key, there will be white powder and the ability to make visible scratches.

4. Pour soy sauce or wine over it to test for permeability.

Soy sauce is the best test material. On the surface of the stone. After a few hours of observation, the density of good quartz stone is very high, colored objects are not easy to penetrate, and no traces are left after rubbing off. Poor quality quartzite is easily permeable and difficult to recover.

5. Grill over fire

Quartz stone has high temperature resistance, and after burning with a lighter for a period of time, it is generally high-quality quartz stone that can be scrubbed with water. On the contrary, poor quality quartz stone.

6. Observe the particle distribution with the naked eye to determine the density.

The quartz stone with better quality management and heavier weight is developed by the enterprise under the high temperature and high pressure environment of the press, and the particles can be more uniform, large density and not easy to penetrate;

Bad quartz is produced by a heavy press produced by casting, with high density and pores, it is easy to penetrate, and there will be small positive particles and large negative particles. In general, the quality of quartz stone under the same area is better, and then the thickness is generally used 1.5 cm, a budget of 2 cm is better, and the cabinet lining should be done without pressure to cut meat.