A good helper to create personalized products - laser engraving machine

Customization is just to let the store with an exclusive Logo. if the enterprise wants to create China's own personalization on any kind of product that our own students like, it is a little bit beyond the reach of the whip.

Come to think of it, buying a laserpecker pro 2 wouldn't solve that problem.

So, there's this original article, but this is mostly unpacking, so I'll put part of it into the next one, otherwise the word count would be too long. The next part covers the use of the software, how different materials behave under different parameters, how long it takes to engrave, and so on.

Regarding laserpecker laser engraver, before you buy, you first need to determine your needs, otherwise you can not choose, brand, model, size, laser power... ... There are too many. You can start by considering the following points so you won't feel overwhelmed when it's time to choose.

1. What material do you plan to engrave on? Metal or non-metal. If it's the former, the laser engraver won't be less powerful and will be larger in size. If the latter, it will be much easier and cheaper.

2, engraving technology maximum different sizes need to how much? For China engraving size, and engraving machine drive shaft length has can have a direct impact on the relationship, but also the development means that the engraving size is getting bigger and bigger, the larger the footprint. The price is not much difference.

3. carving speed? For their own home, then the speed is not the first two considerations. Businesses may have to pursue speed and efficiency. Engraving speed is directly related to the power of the laser head of the equipment. The higher the power of the laser head, the faster the engraving speed, and of course, the more expensive.

4, the engraving machine takes up time and space. For students to put in their own home "toys", must be considered enterprise occupancy space, or buy back a national large-scale toys, the family to make a lot of noise.

5. Assembly. Is to buy a bunch of accessories to assemble their own drawings, or directly buy the finished product?

6. Budget. This point, I think not to say, you value friends will also consider. Hundreds ~ thousands ~ tens of thousands laserpecker 1 procan be found on X treasure. But from the above 4 points of demand clear down, just look for in the budget range is good.

7, after-sales management services. For China laser engraving machine, I don't need to know too much about the students which companies have higher brand occupancy, but there is still a difference in the development of after-sales service of the store, so let's try to find a good after-sales service as your seller.