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Who can apply for a Dependent Visa in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been a favorite place for mainlanders. Whether it is to invest in employment or to send their children for higher education, these are the reasons why people choose Hong Kong. If you want to work legally in Hong Kong, you must have a working visa extension hong kong to work in Hong Kong. A Dependent Visa is a visa to allow your children to come to Hong Kong to study, to live in Hong Kong or to allow your spouse to settle in Hong Kong. Who can apply for a Dependent Visa?

1. Studying in Hong Kong

If the sponsor is a full-time undergraduate, master or doctoral student in Hong Kong, the sponsor's spouse and minor children can apply for a Dependent Visa.

However, dependants accompanying in this way are not allowed to work in Hong Kong, i.e. the spouse is not allowed to work in Hong Kong.

2. Working in Hong Kong

If one is already employed by a Hong Kong company, such as under the Merit Scheme, the Professionals Scheme, the Science and Technology Talents Admission Scheme, or under other status, again, his/her spouse and minor children can apply for a Dependent Visa.

Better yet, these dependents are allowed to work in Hong Kong.

3. Already a Hong Kong permanent resident

If you are already a Hong Kong permanent resident, you can apply for a Dependent Visa for your spouse and minor children, or for your parents who are 60 years old or above. However, this is usually required for parents of only children.

It is important to note that children who move to Hong Kong with you as dependents enjoy the same enrollment policies as Hong Kong students when they attend school in Hong Kong, so many people send their children to school in Hong Kong through this route.

Notes on applying for a Dependent Visa

If the applicant for a Dependent Visa is a child under the age of 18 or a parent over the age of 60, it may be necessary to increase the guarantor's salary stream or proof of deposit, considering the lack of ability to work.

If the dependant is a spouse, the requirement for financial situation is not so high. Certificate of deposit, mainland or Hong Kong can be written in the name of the applicant or the dependent can also be written, do not need to freeze. However, we do not encourage people to take the wrong way, deposited in the certificate to bring it up.

If in the seven-year renewal period, the main applicant and the dependents of the divorce agreement, if the couple has children, the wife as a dependent and bear the main responsibility for the care of children, then the wife only need to fight for the right to custody and add a proof of employment can apply for Hong Kong status; if the dependents have a bachelor's degree and above and find a job to match, then you can communicate with the Immigration Department, to prove that they have a strong link with Hong Kong, in which case they will have a strong link with Hong Kong, and then the applicant will be able to apply for the Hong Kong visa. If the dependent has a bachelor's degree or above and has found a matching job, then he/she can communicate with the Immigration Department to prove that he/she has developed close ties with Hong Kong.