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Recently, new footnotes have been added to the Chinese frenzy. The United Arab Emirates announced that starting next year, 100 schools across the country will start teaching Chinese, and more measures will be introduced in the future to encourage students to learn Chinese online chinese class. Students and parents in the UAE believe the move will have tangible benefits in improving student capacity as China becomes a major exporter of knowledge and technology.

Not only in the United Arab Emirates, but Chinese language fever has already blossomed all over the world learn chinese online. Why do foreigners learn Chinese? Behind the craze for Chinese, what kind of China do they love?

Love Chinese, love cultural China more

The Peruvian girl’s favorite thing to do is to practice writing Chinese characters. She believes that once she conducts in-depth study to understand the rules of writing strokes in Chinese characters, she will find that writing Chinese characters is as interesting as completing the design of a work of art market. Similarly, the handsome guy from Peru likes to use idioms to express ideas. He believes that this method can convey a language teaching method with profound meaning in just a few words, which appropriately embodies the delicacy of Chinese language.

In addition to the charm of Chinese itself, film and television dramas are also one of the reasons why foreigners learn Chinese. In Vietnam, TV dramas and movies produced in China have become a "Chinese trend" sweeping the circle of teenagers, setting off a wave of learning Chinese. Like many fans, they stay up late to catch up on the latest news, hoping to understand Chinese TV dramas without waiting for subtitles, and dream of one day being able to speak Chinese with Chinese film and television stars.

For Mexico, the charm of Chinese medicine is enough for him to overcome language difficulties. Today, he can not only understand medical classics written in ancient Chinese, but also translate "Huangdi Neijing".

"I have tasted many Chinese dishes, but steamed buns are my favorite. It is round and white, and the stuffing is made of pork and vegetables. It tastes soft and delicious. This makes me a "fan" of Chinese food. "A 13-year-old foreign kid told a story in Chinese about himself and China's language and food.

Food, Chinese medicine, TV and movies... Many foreigners can only learn Chinese because of their love for Chinese culture. They love China, this profound cultural heritage, and this Chinese culture.

Love Chinese, love developing China even more

The increase in international economic and trade exchanges with China has prompted more foreigners to learn Chinese. In Cameroon, some businessmen go to the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese. In Japan, many company employees are “forced by their bosses to learn Chinese” because their companies have business dealings with China.

The demand of overseas Chinese enterprises for local employees has created employment advantages for Chinese students studying abroad. The executive said that he went to China alone to start a small business and learned Chinese. Just because of his Mandarin, he was hired by Baosteel as the first Indian employee and is now the head of a workshop of the Indian Gujarat Company. "China completely changed my life in the countryside when I was young."

Studying and traveling in China has attracted many foreigners to learn Chinese. The Moroccan girl hopes to go to China to investigate e-commerce, and Saeed hopes to go to China for further studies and study economic management. More and more Pakistani students regard China as the first choice for studying abroad; the number of Indians who go to China to do business and study has greatly increased...

It is not surprising that people are interested in learning Chinese in Russia. Russian media said that China is the world's second largest economy, which has to be admitted.

People all over the world are eager to understand the advantages of the civilization mechanism behind China's development, and hope to take the "express train" of China's and regional economic growth to achieve their own development, and language just builds such a bridge. Foreigners are becoming more and more optimistic about the Chinese economy, and the popularity of Chinese reflects the "China's economic boom".

Love Chinese, Love Win-Win China even more

In addition to my love of Chinese corporate culture, I am optimistic about China's social economy, recognition and Chinese educational concepts are also the reasons why many foreigners in our country learn Chinese. Driven by the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the countries along the route have begun to have a boom in Chinese. The Chinese language has also become a catalyst to promote the "Belt and Road" initiative, and a cultural bridge to connect the hearts of people along the Silk Road.

"Harmony is strong, loneliness is weak", "A single flower is not spring, and a hundred flowers bloom together to fill the garden"... The concept of "harmony" and the values of "harmony in diversity and inclusiveness" in Chinese culture have established the "Belt and Road" cooperation and mutual benefit. The essence of winning ideas has won the resonance and recognition of more and more people in countries along the route.